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Best Android Apps for Food and Cooking

As I sit in a food court in an Australian shopping mall, my thoughts naturally turn to food. From the little corner where I am sitting, I can see a variety of food types on sale. There is the inevitable McDonalds Express Bar (did I hear you say ‘that’s not food’?), a roast meat and sandwich bar, along with Thai and Indian food, salad and coffee bars, and more. So it got me thinking, if I wanted to reproduce some of that food at home (not McDonalds), what help can I get from my smartphone? What are the best Android apps for food and cooking? Check these ones out which, by the way, are free, yes, FREE!


Yummly Recipes & Shopping ListBest Android Apps for Food and Cooking

Yummly has been featured on the Today Show and is one of the best around. It puts you in touch with over 1 million recipes that can cater to your eating preferences. Now it doesn’t just give you recipes of exotic dishes or fancy cakes, etc. No, it is designed to be styled to suit your lifestyle’s nutrition routine. Do you have any food allergies or are you trying to do a particular eating regime like paleo, vegan, vegetarian or gluten free?

The Yummly App is just right for you. After you personalise the app with your restrictions or preferences, the app then scours recipes from around the world wide web and filters out those that conflict with your preferences. You get a digital recipe box when you can save your favorites. After using a recipe, you can hit the “Yum” button to save them for future use. Need a Best Android Apps for Food and Cookingshopping list to match your eating regime? Got that too. Yummly categorises the shopping list according to your favorite recipes, making shopping less of a chore for the discerning eater.

Are you concerned about the nutritional value of each dish on Yummly? Check out the detailed list of the Thai Curry recipe I found.

Popularity Rating: 1 million+ downloads, 4.3/5 (nearly 50,000 ratings)
My rating:


Food Network in the KitchenBest Android Apps for Food and Cooking

This app offers instant access to your favorite Food Network chef and their recipes. So if you are addicted to watching the Food Network on cable TV, this is your Android app. Not only do you get the recipes, but you can watch How-to videos on select recipes. New recipes are being added every month so you will never run out of ideas.

The recipe box in this app allows you to save your favorites from the Food Network app as well as those from other websites. And what is really cool is that once you have tried a recipe and fallen in love with it, you can share it with friends and family via Twitter, Facebook or email.

What if the recipe needed a little tweaking  to suit your palate? Provision is made for you to add your own notes, tips and substitutions. Cooking timers are also built in so that you can keep and eye on multiple recipes. To get the maximum value out of the app, you will need to sign in via Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Twitter. One positive observation was that Food Network has very few permissions before installation compared to the other apps.

Popularity Rating: 1 million+ downloads, 4.4/5 (over 37,000 ratings)
My rating: 4.2/5


Allrecipes Dinner SpinnerBest Android Apps for Food and Cooking

One significant difference between Allrecipes Dinner Spinner and other apps is that you get instant access to the collection of member-submitted recipes, including photos, ratings and reviews. The community is purported to be millions in size, so that gives you a few recipes to try that have already been road tested. There are more than 1000 mobile-friendly recipe videos with step-by-step cooking instructions. As with other apps, saving your favorites is possible so that quick access to these is possible. Love that recipe? Tap it to add the ingredients to your shopping list. Now you’re set.

Another interesting feature are the seasonal recipes that are updated daily. Or you can just enter the ingredients you have and Dinner Spinner will give you some recipes to try with what is on hand. That will really add interest to the meal regime.

Best Android Apps for Food and Cooking
The ratings left by members are a real attraction

I love risotto so I checked out the Risotto alla Milanese that a lady named Manuela had submitted. The recipe is easy to follow with a nutrition tab that tells you the calories, fat, cholesterol, etc. breakdown. Tap on the similar recipes tab and there before your eyes are 10 alternative risotto recipes. The Risotto with truffle Oil and Parmesan looked amazing. Another interesting feature is the reviewer ratings for each dish. The home cooks love the home cooks’ recipes.

Popularity Rating: 1 million+ downloads, 4.4/5 (almost 40,000 ratings)
My rating: 4.5/5





Best Android Apps for Food and Cooking – Conclusion

Now I know you’re thinking that why has Duncan only included three apps in this list? Good point. I have only included three because by the time you try these out, your family will be writing their own review blogs of your cooking abilities, all thanks to these best Android apps for food and cooking. It never ceases to amaze me what is available on the Internet for us to use, and these apps are examples of how technology has made our life so much easier.

I used these apps on my Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, which has a comfortable 5″ LED screen. The videos and photos looked fine and the recipes very readable on that size screen.

No doubt you will want to try one or all of these Android apps. Or you may have found a different app that is mind-blowing. If so, leave your comments in the box below…



6 thoughts on “Best Android Apps for Food and Cooking

  1. Hi there
    I am a great fan of cooking, and this is a very useful post for me. This post reviews what looks like three amazing apps. Yummly recipes & Shopping list seems very interesting, I like that you can filter out recipes that conflict with your preferences, I will give a try.
    Thank you for sharing. Best of luck

    1. Hi Ehab,

      Once you have given the apps a try, why not come back and leave your feedback. I would be interested in how they work for you. How often do you cook?


  2. I just bought a Droid and am always looking at ways to impress my girlfriend with new dinners! Thanks for the information, I will definitely download the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, sounds like a cool name first off as well as with over a million downloads, its gotta be a good app! Thanks for the info!

  3. Thanks for the great app reviews! My wife and I both work full time, with two kids, and we are always scrounging through the fridge when we get home to come up with something to cook. We all like some of the same things so I think the app Yummly is going to work out perfectly! Plus it will help us plan a better grocery list so we don’t have to do so much scrounging and just get to the cooking part!

    Thank you for the great ideas and reviews!

    1. Hey Justin,

      Glad you found these helpful. When we are time poor, any help we can get to eat well is appreciated. Our health is paramount and having tools to assist in achieving that is a real help. My wife and I have found that having a shopping list that revolves around our eating regime is a real money saver as well.

      Chat soon,


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