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How to Spot a Genuine Samsung Phone – Avoid a Fake!


I was cruising with my mate, Ash, through a large shopping centre here in Thailand and we went past any number of mobile phone booths. Tourists were checking out the gear on sale. Ash was telling me he was chatting with one of the salesman recently and the sales guy admitted that many of the Android phones, including Samsung models, were what are called genuine fakes.

Conversation with a tourist:

Tourist: Is this genuine?

Sales Guy: Yes. It is a genuine “fake” (said in rapid mumbled tones) model.

Tourist: Excellent, here’s the money.

Genuine v Fake SD Card
Genuine v Fake SD Card

So it got me thinking. How do you know if you have just bought a genuine Samsung product? Are there any tell-tale clues that will reveal the genuine from the fakes? After all, Samsung is one of, if not the, biggest manufacturer of smart phones in the world. Its use of the open Android platform makes it easier and cheaper for the cloning manufacturers to produce fakes – and much harder for consumers to distinguish between a genuine and a fake.

And so it is with online marketing. You have probably read of the scams that proliferate on the Internet; well you may have read of a few since keeping up with all of them would consume every waking moment. I won’t bore you with stories of people who have lost their hard earned on a network scheme that turned into a scam.

So why are so many joining up with Wealthy Affiliate, arguably the world’s best affiliate network? How do I know I am not buying a fake? Will I become the next statistic of scheme turning into scam?

Research, Research, Research!

Research is the key! Doing our research on anything new is vital. Knowledge is KING! As you will note in this article, whether you are buying a new smartphone or tablet, a new car, or considering a new online income stream, doing the research first will reassure you and help you make an informed decision. We live in the age in information – what you need to know is at your fingertips. So let’s spend a few minutes considering the ways to test Samsung and Wealthy Affiliate and protect ourselves from buying a fake!



Preventing your money going down the drain – Samsung

What tips can I give you to prevent that phone you want to buy being a fake? I will look at three areas, Physical Appearance, Operating Codes, Software.

 Physical Appearance
Samsung Smartphone - Genuine or Fake?
Samsung Smartphone – Genuine or Fake?

Many fake phone models are built so cheaply the material and craftsmanship reflect the amount of money invested on them. Check the following physical features:

  • The screen is made of cheap glass material.
  • The screen is too far from the edge.
  • The screen is not as bright and vibrant as the original
  • The Home button is not on the exact same spot as that of the genuine item.
  • The Samsung logos have raised lettering and / or badly miss-spelt.
  • Different proportions than that of the genuine product.
  • Gaps between parts like the home, power, and volume buttons are obvious.
  • When the battery cover is opened, some of the small components do not match with the original one.
  • The battery specifications are not the same.
Samsung Codes

For yet another way to test if your Samsung is genuine, Samsung provide codes that can be used. Samsung codes are a combination of numbers and symbols that after they are entered, will allow you to test your phone. You can also use these codes to perform a device check that will specifically identify your device as being genuine or fake. Dial these codes in and press the “Call” button. A genuine device will respond to the code and reassure you that you have thrown your money away.

Here are some examples of Samsung codes:

*#06#                 Displays IMEI number

*#1234#            View SW Version PDA, CSC, Modem

Google “Samsung codes genuine” and you will find a mountain of information to help you check whether you have bought a fake.


Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is genuine software that can be downloaded onto your computer to detect the authenticity of your device. Kies is not only for checking fakes but is ideal for uploading pictures and videos from your phone to your desktop. If the physical checks aren’t yet convincing you of the genuineness of the device, connecting in to Kies via your USB cable will help out. A genuine model will be recognized and seamlessly connect you to Kies as the software recognizes the device.



Preventing your money going down the drain – Wealthy Affiliate

Physical Appearance

The first thing I noticed when doing my research on online marketing was the excellent reviews I found about Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I had just moved to Asia and was researching top 10 online jobs or business opportunities. WA ranked in that top 10. Further research led me to their website. The physical appearance and layout was immediately attractive. This is an organization that presents well. You know the saying, First Impressions..

WA promote themselves as a network or people who are like minded – developing an online income stream from the niche market of your choice. I found that members of this network were from all walks of life, young and old, the Mums and Dads of our worldwide society. It was fascinating to browse the site and read comments from people who were feeling at home in this new endeavor.


Code of Ethics

Wealthy Affiliate prides themselves on their code of ethics. To become part of this network, certain rules of engagement are in place that protects any member from unscrupulous people. Vilification of others on the basis of race, religion or gender is strictly prohibited.  Unsavory content such as violence or pornography is strictly banned. If any member strays into any of those paths, peer correction is quickly implemented.

WA do not claim to make you rich, quickly. Their goal is to educate you, mentor you and encourage you in your goal on having your own online income stream. They remind all members that success isn’t overnight; it will take work and patience to reach your goals.


Wealthy Affiliate has the cutting edge marketing tools in place. They provide all you need in building a beautiful and marketable website. What do I mean?

Firstly, they use Site Rubix as the development platform along with WordPress themes. WordPress is the world’s leading website developing platform used by leading edge website creation agencies.

In addition, keyword search tool Jaaxy has established itself as the go-to software to assist in keyword search, vital if you are to rank your site high in Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Along with that, is the best domain name purchasing tool to help get you started.

These are just a few of what is available when you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership. I joined the network in March 2015. It only took a day of WA activity to convince me that the Premium membership is the key to success. Note the benefits in the chart below:







What is the link between Samsung phones and Wealthy Affiliate? I have loved Samsung phones for years. Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to develop a website so that I could build and online income stream promoting one of my favourite products. Neither of these brands are fakes.

So, as with anything, do your research. Get out of the gloomy world of misinformation and counterfeit. Step into the world of information, of knowing the product before you buy and making a decision before you part with the hard-earned cash. Remember, it will obviously be more expensive than the fake, but, in the long run, you will have a service satisfaction that is second to none.

Buy from a reputable dealer or online store. has great deals on genuine products. Referrals from friends can also be reassuring that you have bought the genuine Samsung article. Check for yourself why Wealthy Affiliate can be the stepping stone to your own online marketing journey. Don’t buy a fake! Get the genuine article! Study the facts and the pleasure you receive from your decision will be great.


Check out Samsung reviews through Amazon













20 thoughts on “How to Spot a Genuine Samsung Phone – Avoid a Fake!

  1. Hi very interesting article, I like how you compare detecting genuine phones to being able to detect genuine training sources for learning to build an online business. This article kind of reminded of one time when I was in Chinatown in NYC and my camera ran out of batteries(before the days of smart phones). I went into a gift shop and bought some duracell batteries without really paying too much attention. I put them in my camera and turned it on. A few seconds later the battery died. The shop owner had just found used batteries and wrapped them in plastic. If I was paying attention I would have known that before I bought them. No matter where you are, there is always someone that is going to try to rip you off.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      That is a great story even though at the time it wasn’t. Having a trained eye is vital when we buy stuff, especially the big ticket items like technology, motor vehicles, etc. Thank you very much for sharing it.



  2. You did a great job of tying in two seperate products into one article. Asia is king of the bootleg products! With samsung Kies, what exactly happens when you plug in a fake phone? Will you still be able to take pictures off of it. I’m an admitted Iphone guy but am hopefully going to be switching over to samsung in the near future.

    1. Hi Monkey Man,

      Great moniker by the way. Samsung Kies is designed to work with genuine phones only. So I doubt that you would be able to move photos off the phone through Kies. Of course, if you usually store your photos in the cloud, such as Google Drive, then you do not need Kies. But it is a great piece of software for the genuine phone.

      And when you are ready to switch over to Samsung in the near future, come back to the site here and read some of my reviews on the Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3 and Note 4. Of course, you could go Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge (which is a funky looking phone) but if start-up costs are a factor, then the S4, S5 and Note 3 may be ideal for you.

      Talk to me before you buy and we will see what deals Amazon has for you.



  3. Hello Duncan,
    I find your story to be funny but not funny at the same time.
    Not funny because there is too much fraud that goes on with everything in the world and it takes a lot of knowledge to stay on top of those who perpetrate it.

    Funny because I live in the Philippines and it is the same here. They sell knock off everything and try to tell you it is the genuine article. The price triples if you are white.
    Thanks for the information,

    1. Hi San,

      Yes we are often telling the market merchants here that we are not tourists, your price is too high and it is a foreigner price. We just ask for a local price. Here in Phuket, tourists will just pay and the local stall holders are used to that. They often won’t haggle over prices. They would rather miss a sale at a reasonable price because they want the high price.

      Interesting mentality.

      Thank you for your thoughts,


  4. Thanks for this post. I am off to South East Asia next year, and I’m sure I will hit the markets in a big way. It’s good to have an idea of what to look out for. Is there any way of getting a refund if you realize later on that you’ve been scammed? probably not hey?

    1. Hi Todd,

      I am glad you enjoyed the heads up regarding market specials. I have bought some great stuff from markets and dud stuff from department stores. So I guess it is a matter of taking one’s time and when it comes to big ticket items, like a Samsung smartphone, it is worth the extra from a reputable dealer.

      Hope the plans for South East Asia work out for you.



  5. That’s crazy, i guess i never thought about the fact that the phone might be fake! That’s why you should always buy it from a licensed reseller! Your just wasting time going on the internet or going to thrift stores anyway!

    But at least the people selling it were honest with you though- of course they probably dont want to say it but they could have said they were genuine samsung too!

    Great article!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Hi Matt,

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. Yes, who we buy it from is important. Buying a product on-line is only a risk when we haven’t done our research, including who we are buying the item from. Best Buys and Amazon have established themselves as reliable retailers who provide quality products. Buying on-line from a reputable store gives you opportunity to return faulty products.

      The danger is impulse buying without doing the research that will protect us.

      Thank you for visiting the site.


  6. Hi Duncan,
    That was a very nice article that you wrote about fake samsung phones and a person being able to spot on before throwing away a lot of money buying one that would probably break down in a matter of weeks.

    I noticed that you also compared the viability of WA as an online opportunity to grow your own business connecting with legit smart phones.

    For myself personally the entire article was kind of long with your first discussing the smartphones and then jumping right into WA. I do trust that you do promote WA as its own separate entity on other pages/posts on your website?

    It may just be me but I would have liked to have known more about the various samsung phones that are available with your article devoted solely to the smart phone product.

    Clicking on that link I was re-directed to a page that had a picture and listed the price of the various models of samsung phones. However it might have been nice to present more info. comparing/contrasting the truly legit smartphones put out by the company.

    Otherwise it was a very interesting article. You did present WA in a VERY positive light indicating all that our company has to offer for those individuals looking for an opportunity to truly learn, receive training, community support and the tools to build themselves eventually a great online marketing business.

    It was my pleasure reading the article Duncan!


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for commenting on this article. I am glad you enjoyed it. Further investigation of my website would have led you to comprehensive reviews of current Samsung models and my review of Wealthy Affiliate. I even have a number of pages that highlight the steps to creating your own niche website through WA. I am sure that once you investigate these, you will understand that the post you read was an early one in the evolution of my website.

      All the best in your endeavors,


  7. The norm of innovative products. When one is produced, another ‘one’ is made. What I’m saying is there’s always a replica. The dark side of an item, any item.

    I think sellers are not bothered about the items they sell. Definitely, they’ll say it’s original just to make buyers believe in them.

    Personally, if an item is something I’m not familiar, yes, I’ll do my research before making a purchase.

    It’s safe to not buy and research first rather than having the feeling of regret.

    1. Love your points here, Tar. Research is crucial so that we don’t lose our hard-earned cash on a fake. Many, though, don’t follow your advice and it then ends in tears.

      Thank you for your input.


  8. As far as getting my Samsung smartphone, I didn’t have to worry about whether is was genuine or fake as I bought it from a reputable dealer at a local shopping centre.

    When it came to joining WA, I was quite suspicious at first and not very trusting and I think that I showed a healthy scepticism at the time.

    When I started doing some more research on it and checking out the reviews and deciding whether they were fake or not, I came to the conclusion that WA was legitimate.

    So I agree with you that doing your research first will help you to make an informed decision and just as I thought, I knew that I had come to the right place to learn about internet marketing.

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