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Top 5 eBook Reader Apps for Android

In our continuing series on beneficial Android apps, we feature today the Top 5 eBook reader apps for Android. There are a multitude of apps available but we have selected the best five applications so that reading on your tablet or smartphone will be any easy experience.


eBook Reader Apps for Android – What They Should Do

Each of these readers need to seamlessly import books that you download and make the reading experience a pleasure. They should have a book library feature that is easy to use and configure. Another bonus is that there is a link to a dictionary so that new words and phrases can be quickly checked without losing the thrust of what you are reading.


eBook Reader Apps for Android – What Features They Need

  1. Free
  2. Fast page changing
  3. Easy importing / downloading
  4. Customize the way you read with font size and style adjustment
  5. Night mode to made night reading easier
  6. Landscape and portrait reading layout
  7. Sync the app across all your devices so you never lose your spot
  8. Support a wide range of formats, epub, pdf, mobi, txt, html and more
  9. Customizable page swiping and navigation
  10. Dual page mode for landscape reading


eBook Reader Apps for Android – Five of the Best (Free)


Moon+ReadereBook reader apps for Android

I have used the Premium version (not free) of this app for some time now. It is on my Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and my Galaxy Note 8 tablet. It is very useful in sorting pdf documents and epub files into appropriate libraries. It is a little cumbersome when importing documents but like all things, as you gain experience with it, it becomes quite user friendly. Page customisation is fairly easy and it links with ColorDict to provide word definitions and explanations.

Popularity and Ratings: 10 million downloads, 4.4/5 (about 210,000 reviewers)



Kobo eBooks (free)eBook reader apps for Android

Kobo has an extensive catalogue of eBooks, magazines, comics and children’s books. It allows you to search by title, author or topic. It allows customisation of text size and has a Night Mode to k=make reading easy on the eyes when you are reading in bed. It is capable of making personalized reading recommendations based on current habits and gives thousands of previews for you to browse. It automatically syncs all your devices and remembers where you left off so that being stuck in the doctor’s waiting room won’t be a drama. Open your smartphone, click on the app and keep on reading from the night before.

Popularity and Ratings: 10 million downloads, 4.2/5 (about 200,000 reviewers)



Kindle for Android – an Amazon favorite (free)eBook reader apps for Android

I have never used a Kindle but the name has become synonymous with eBook readers everywhere. We may use a different app but many just call the category “Kindle”, reflecting the massive popularity this app has garnered over recent years. You don’t need to own a kindle device for this to work, it will work well on any Android device. It pust over 1.5 million books at your fingertips. There are over a million books to choose from, along with popular magazines and newspapers. There are also many free eBooks such as Pride & Prejudice and Treasure Island. As all good eBook reader apps, it has a built-in dictionary and Google and Wikipedia search features. And it syncs across all your devices so you never lose your page.

Popularity and Ratings: 100 million downloads, 4.1/5 (about 535,000 reviewers)



FB Reader (Free) –eBook reader apps for Android

FB Reader is fast and customisable using True Type/Open Type fonts and custom backgrounds. Screen brightness can be adjusted with color schemes to suit day or night reading. It supports epub, Kindle azw3 (mobipocket), html, Word doc and plain text formats. It has a network browser that allows you to search catalogues and stores in a variety of languages. It integrates with external dictionaries as well as being able to localise into 34 languages. Not my favorite but a popular one that is highly regarded by users.

Popularity and Ratings: 10 million downloads, 4.6/5 (about 164,000 reviewers)



Aldiko Book Reader – (free)eBook reader apps for Android

This is one of the leading eBook apps for. Over 28 million people use it worldwide. There is a Premium version ($$$) that has a highlighting feature for ePub notes, book cover editing and no advertisements. It supports epub, pdf and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks. The background is fully customisable, along with font size, margins and line spacing adjustments. As with the previous applications on this list, it can sync across all devices so that a fluent reading experience is possible regardless of where you are and what device you have in your hand. The Premium version allows in-app shopping experiences and there are a lot of classics that are FREE, yes free!

Popularity and Ratings: 28 million downloads, 4.2/5 (about 195,000 reviewers)

eBook Reader Apps for Android – Conclusion

These are just five of the best. There are so many others that people use with great success. Friends of mine use Google Play Books to good effect. I only use that for novels that I buy from Google Play store, such as John Grisham or Clive Cussler style of books. Better World Books, an online book store with a massive range of textbooks has their own reader app that is growing in popularity. It is probably the next one I will try as my wife loves Better World Books as a source for the study material she uses in her research. Cool Reader and eBook Droid are two others that apparently are very much worth putting on to your Android device.

So, that leads to the obvious question. Which eBook reader apps for Android do you use and why do you love it? Please leave a comment in the box below. Your contributions to this subject will be very much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 eBook Reader Apps for Android

  1. I love reviews like this. There is nothing worse than having to download and try out apps only to find they are rubbish and you have to delete them and start all over again.
    My wife is a big fan of reading on her phone, and her favourite is Kindle without a doubt. Its easy to use and comes with a vast selection from the amazon shop which means you can pretty much get your hands on anything you want to read.
    I was slow to get onboard with this new technology, preferring an old fashioned book, but with prices being so cheap and the ability to take a dozen books with you on holiday on your tablet whats not to love.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      You are right on all counts. The ease of use of the modern eBook reader really makes so much available to us and at such an affordable price. Portability is a real plus as well.

      Glad you enjoyed the review. Chat soon.


  2. I was doing a comment on WA and I accidentally lost the comment before I was finished.

    I have a small Motorola/android. The face is about 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2 “. I wear reading glasses. Would that phone be big enough to read books using an app like the Kindle app?

    Thanks for the post. Very informative.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      It should be pretty good although the larger screens of the newer Samsung models would really serve you well. The Note 3, Note 5 and S7 have the 5.5″+ screens that are very good to read with. Worth checking out.


  3. Hey, I’ve been actually looking for an eBook reader app for some time, and didn’t really know where to find a free one, so your post comes right when I needed it 🙂
    Someone recommended me the Amazon Kindle for Android, but I didn’t know it was free so I said I would try something else. Now I just found out it is free actually, so I really plan to get that.
    Do I have to download it from Google Store?

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I am glad the post was just at the right time for you. Just go to the Google Play store and search Kindle for Android. You can then get yourself into the eBook reading generation. What device are you using for it? Have you checked out the later Samsung models? The larger screens of the Note 3, Note 5 and S6 and S7 are ideal. The 5 to 6 inch screen allows mobility and readability at the same time.

      Let me know how it works out for you.



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