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How to Take Advantage of Netflix Worldwide

Here is the latest press release from IPVanish – the world’s best Virtual Private Network Service. I use this product daily and it allows me to safely surf the Internet as well as watch TV content from around the world.



How to Take Advantage of the Netflix Spain, Portugal, and Italy Launches

Posted on 10/23/2015 by ipvanish
After finally arriving in Asia by way of Japan last month, Netflix, the video on-demand streaming service heavyweight, has decided to conquer even more of the European market. With three consecutive daily launches, Netflix’s Instant Streaming service went live in Spain, Portugal, and Italy this week, and IPVanish is here to help you unlock their content. This foray into Southern European locations is all part of Netflix’s goal to quadruple their global presence before 2017.

Because the launches just went live this week, not a lot is known about the debuting video selection. We do know that nearly all Netflix Original movies and TV series, such as Narcos and Sense 8, will be available in each country, with the exception of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, which do not appear in their entirety as their rights have been picked up by local broadcasters. In Spain, John Wick has been licensed, as has Jennifer Aniston’s Cake, which is an exclusive release in Europe. In Italy, Netflix has ordered its first Italian original series, called Suburra, a crime drama based in Rome, set to premiere in 2017. It would not be out of the question for an original series to be developed for Portugal in the future, either. The plans for Suburra mirror Netflix’s green-lighting of original content in France and the UK.


Netflix Italia Interface

While the Netflix expansion does mean different titles, Netflix regions typically only have around 1,000 titles or so to debut with. On-demand video streaming services like Netflix block the content their viewers can access based on geographic location, making certain content available in some areas but not in others. IPVanish VPN enables users to safely get around these geo-restrictions through the use of anonymous IP addresses on secure servers across the globe.

With this anonymous IP address, you’re basically moving your Internet connection to the location you want to “be” in, without actually having to physically move anywhere. This allows you to easily access all of the titles Netflix licenses, enabling you jump from region to region in order to access the films and television series you actually want to see. Through the use of IPVanish VPN, you can get up to 15 times the content of your native Netflix region, taking your available titles from around 1,000 to about 15,000! Simply use the IPVanish software to connect to the server locations of your choice and your streaming possibilities will be endless.

IPVanish Software is available to use for Netflix streaming on the following operating systems/devices:

In Browser
Mac OS X
Windows Phone

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