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Samsung and Alipay – China’s New Mobile Payments Partnership

Samsung Electronics are the world leader in smartphone technology. Their Samsung Pay program is now sweeping the globe as the market leader in mobile payments technology. Samsung and Alipayis the world’s leading platform for global trade. While Western online shoppers think Amazon or eBay, the vast majority of Chinese shoppers think Alibaba. With over a billion people having access to this online superstore, linking up in a technology partnership would be a business winner. Alibaba have their own mobile payments system called Alipay. Just this week, Samsung and Alipay have linked up to provide a seamless way for Chinese Samsung users to purchase through the Alibaba platform.


Here is the Samsung press release that explains this further:

Samsung Pay Teams Up with Alipay to Expand Mobile Payments in China


What is Alipay?Samsung and Alipay

Launched in 2004, Alipay is the world’s leading third-party payment platform. It currently has over 450 million active registered users and more than 200 financial institution partners. Users can hail a taxi, book a hotel, or buy movie tickets directly from various modules within the app and purchase wealth management products such as Yu’e Bao. In addition to online payment functions such as online shopping payments, money transfer, and utility bill payments, Alipay is expanding to offline payments both inside and outside of China. Over 600,000 brick-and-mortar merchants and over one million taxis now accept Alipay as a payment method across China. As of December 2015, Alipay was accepted in more than 60,000 retail stores outside of China. (info courtesy of


Samsung and Alipay – Mutual Benefits

With both of these global giants collaborating in the expanding mobile payments technology, both companies will gain further acceptance and exposure in the online marketplace. Samsung’s market share in China has dropped in recent times, due partly to the advances in local smartphone manufacturers like Huawei. This strategic move between Samsung and Alipay will build brand awareness of the Korean smartphone giant and as an offshoot, highlight the growing demand for mobile payments technology around the world.

What do you think about this new collaboration between Samsung and Alipay? What impact will it have on Apple Pay mobile payments around the world? Time will tell.


Don’t forget, if you have an opinion about this partnership or about mobile payments in general, leave some comments in the box below.



8 thoughts on “Samsung and Alipay – China’s New Mobile Payments Partnership

  1. Hi here,

    Now that sounds like a very interesting business partnership, quite intriguing in fact. But is this a unique exclusive partnership between Samsung and Alipay?

    Not everyone has a Samsung, some an Apple, or a Nokia. or LG, and so on. Is the Alipay available on phones and devices manufactured by other companies?

    It would certainly benefit the user if it was and would n’t be convenient if a Samsung user in China switched their phone brand for another if they couldn’t bring Alipay with them.

    1. Excellent point, Derek. I understand that Samsung uses the NFC technology which connects well with what is used by Alipay. The convenience this brings to Chinese shoppers is immense since as was noted in the article, Alipay is not just for online shopping but also bricks and mortar retail, much like Samsung Pay.

      I know a lot of Chinese smartphone users love Apple technology just as many love Samsung, so it will be worth watching.



  2. This is a strange partnership. I wonder how they go together. I guess alibaba is expending it’s reach in other areas. Does this compete with paypal, apple pay and stuff like that? I wonder how many pay outfits will be available in 5 years from now. I will watch interested in what will transpire.

    1. Good point, Steve. Mobile payments is the next big thing in online technology. It will be interesting to watch our it all turns out. What Paypal does will be of interest. The ease with which they make online transactions could be under threat by these new competitors.



  3. The Samsung product line of smartphones is what I have been using for years ever since I got into using cell phones. I realize other companies come and go, and some have been looking to bypass Samsung in features and sales, but I have always stayed with them.

    Do you believe where Alibaba has grown so large in China that both Alibaba and the Alipay will challenge Amazon and PayPal in other parts of the world?

    1. Hi Travis,

      Recently, Alibaba opened an office in Sydney, Australia. Not many people noticed the quiet announcement but it opens the door for people in China to do business with Australian suppliers and allow Australian buyers to source Chinese products. Alipay will be a pivotal part of that. Alibaba probably has done the same in the USA and Canada.

      Will be interesting to watch developments.

      Thanks for the comment.


  4. Wonderful website. This information you have put together is very helpful and easy to understand. I too love Samsung cell phones. I had been a customer since inception. When every the latest phone comes out, I am one of the first to have the new cell phone.

    Every ones opinion is different when it comes to cell phones but if you are a business person Samsung products are the best.

    Thanks for the great information and especially for enlightening me on the Alipay.

    1. Hi Garrick,

      Thanks for calling by the website. Glad you found the article so informative. Samsung is great for business people with a range of products that can easily sync together.

      Have you heard about the new Note 7 that is rumored to be being released in August? Watch this space.



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