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Samsung Galaxy S6 Product Review – My Good Mate’s Perspective

Chris loves his Samsung Galaxy S6
Chris loves his Samsung Galaxy S6

Meet Chris. He is a great friend of mine in Australia. He is in finance working for one of Australia’s biggest home loan lenders. He loves travelling and he loves technology. Skiing in Japan is one of the fabulous travelling experiences he and his wife enjoy. Here is Chris’ personal product review of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


My previous phone was a Note 3 and Tanja currently has a Galaxy S5. I have also owned an iPhone 3S, iPhone 4S and a BlackBerry Q10.

As to be expected the S6 is an improvement over my previous phones.

The highlights are
  1. Build quality. The use of metal and the glass back give the Samsung Galaxy S6 a premium feel, something theSamsung Galaxy S6 Product Review Note 3 and S5 lacked. It feels very solid. The buttons have a purposeful feel. It now has the quality feel of an iPhone (Sorry)
  2. Screen. Very clear and crisp. Slightly better than the Note 3.
  3. Fast charging.
  4. Fits easily in your pocket. (I now have a tablet for when a larger screen is required)
  5. Camera is amazing. Slight improvement over the Note 3.


  1. Battery. The Note 3 gave me up to 2 days with regular use. The S6 up to 1.5 days. However the fast charger offsets the disadvantage a little.
  2. Slippery to hold. A cover would fix that, but I don’t like covers as I like the look of the phone… Catch 22


Did you enjoy Chris’s balanced review? That is the key to product reviews on this website. We will give you the pros and cons to any of the Samsung smartphone range. You can read my Samsung Galaxy S6 product review here.  If these reviews make you want to buy one, check out our Samsung store, powered by Amazon.

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