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Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Future Has Landed!

So it has landed! The future in smartphones is here in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Yesterday, to the usual fanfare and hype, the 2016 flagship phone was revealed. What did we get? What changes to how we use smartphone technology are now with us? Let’s talk about what was released and then in a future article, I will provide a more extensive product review.


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Samsung Galaxy S7 – What’s New?
Samsung Galaxy S7
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One of the key enhancements of the S7 is the camera improvements. The rear camera has had an aperture change from 1.9 to 1.7, thus allowing more light into the lens. This is especially useful for low-light photography and gives a sharper and much brighter image.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone to use dual pixel technology in its cameras, something pioneered by Canon in its DSLR range of cameras. How does that work? Note the following description from Samsung’s Global website:

Dual Pixel technology, which is utilized in selective, high-end DSLR camera models, as well as those of the Galaxy S7, sends light from the lens to two image sensors separately to adjust the focus, much in the same way that the human eye does. For comparison, only about one percent of image sensor pixels of the Galaxy S6 were capable of recognizing phase and contrast, while 100 percent of the image pixels of the new device can do so.

Samsung Galaxy S7
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These new features really positions the S7 as the premier smartphone camera, something I noted in my review of the Galaxy Note 5 that was released late 2015.


Click here to read my review of the Note 5

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Usability

The beauty of the S7 is in the sleek design and ease of handling. The curves make it easy to use and the S7 Edge edition, (read: a touch more expensive than the S7) has, in the words of Samsung, “All four sides of the device’s glass surfaces are carefully contoured, emulating the form of a three-dimensional water drop.”  With the slim-line design, users will find it easier to hold, resulting in a compact grip and a feeling of being in control. Due to the changes in the camera technology, as noted above, getting set to take a photograph is now quicker than the iPhone 6 and 6Plus, the LG and Google smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is designed for users with a variety of lifestyles. It has a waterproof rating that allows it to be submerged in 1.5m water for up to 30 minutes. Why you would do that I have no idea, but having had a phone in the past fall out of my shirt pocket in to a bucket of water, with the obvious consequences, this waterproof rating is pretty cool.

The Super Amoled 5.1″ screen is the best there is, something that Apple are apparently going to include in future releases of the iPhone. This OLED screen makes video an amazing experience. Samsung have enhanced the gaming capability of its smartphones, developing its own eco-system technology link with new 360 degree cameras and Smart Gear to attract serious gamers to these devices.

Another feature that we will discuss later in our extensive product review, is the turn-off feature of the screen. This means that the curved edge part of the screen stays on, giving you a view of emails coming in and other notifications, without using the whole screen. This will obviously play a big role in saving the newly enhanced battery.

Lastly, and I can hear you all cheering about this, the micro-SD expandable storage is back. User complaints about the S6 and Note 5 have led to Samsung restoring a feature that made it stand out from the rest.


So there is a brief update about the S7. It may be the smartphone you have been waiting for, or it could be that watching and waiting till future updates make it better, either way, it will capture the attention of all serious technology buffs. Watch out for my future product review.

Updated March 5:

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11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Future Has Landed!

  1. Hi, Duncan!
    I love smartphones and especially Samsung, so I checked Google, and I have found this very informative, helpful and well-written article.
    I noticed two characteristics essential to me:
    1. The camera improvements allow the users getting set to take a photograph quicker than with the iPhone 6;
    2. The waterproof rating is an impressive feature which prevents the user from losing a device due to some minor accidents like dropping it in a jar of water.
    You have done an excellent job with this review; definitely, I’ll buy that smartphone!

    1. Hi Cristina,

      It will be available in a few weeks so keep a lookout for it here at my site. Amazon will be releasing deals soon for the S7 and the blog you need to go with it.

      Glad you enjoyed the review.


  2. Hi, I’m glad I found this site. I have to confess, I’m an iPhone user. But with that said, I’m looking for something new. I’m not going to get into all the reasons I’m not crazy about my phone, but I am interested in the Galaxy.

    I’ve seen pictures taken with other models, and they’re amazing. I imagine the s7 is going to be super sharp. I’m a huge picture taking guy.

    I’ve been known to drop my phone in a cup of coffee (true story) so the waterproof feature is fantastic!

    I think I’m most interested in is the turn off feature you mention. That sounds really cool. Anyway, thanks again for this sneak peek of the Samsung galaxy s7

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I am glad we connected through this site. Sorry you have had issues with the iPhone, but still, technology can be a challenge regardless of which system one favors. The Galaxy range are developing some amazing features, as noted in my preview of the S7.

      Have you checked out the Note 5? It doesn’t have the waterproof feature of the S7 but camera-wise, it is amazing and now that it has been out a few months, you should get some price discount.

      Anyway, let’s catch up when you are ready to change over to the Galaxy smartphone.



  3. Hi Duncan,
    The Samsung S7 sounds like an awesome phone. I like the camera enhancement that improves it’s ability to take pictures in lower light situations.

    I could sure have used the waterproof capability on my old phone when it ended up in the washing machine. I don’t know if it would have survived going through the wash though even if it was waterproof.

    I am looking forward to your full review.

    1. Hi Pat,

      The review will be along in a few weeks. Once they have gone on sale and some of the early bugs (if any) have been sorted, then I can bring you up to speed on what you will really enjoy about the S7.

      Catch up soon.


  4. I am a fan of Samsung and certainly the new S7 is really an improved phone over and above the previous models. The S7 Edge is very tempting. I am glad Samsung has improved on the camera features and the curve edge reminded me of the need to be extra careful to avoid a fall. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I am a fan of Samsung and certainly the new S7 is really an improved phone over and above the previous models. The S7 Edge is very tempting. I am glad Samsung has improved on the camera features and the curve edge reminded me of the need to be extra careful to avoid a fall. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Fred,

      Temptation is a hard thing to resist! There are so many improvements in camera technology over the past few years that it is easy to be dissatisfied with what we currently have. I hope that when you are in the market for real that you will check back in for the latest reviews and views.


    1. Well Dean, you will have a great time with it. I hope you find an excellent retailer. Don’t forget that if you are thinking of Amazon as the online store, check out the deals via this website.


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