Samsung User Guides and Manuals – Unlock That Device!

Samsung User Guide and Manuals

So you got that new Samsung smartphone or tablet but you’re not sure how to use it to its full potential! Sometimes, a user guide or manual is just what is needed to unlock the full potential of your device. My wife is often ribbing me about how I only go to a user guide as a last resort. Maybe it is a guy thing! We think we can work out how a product works and then hours after we should have got it sorted, we reluctantly try to read a user manual. Maybe it is time for us men to stop pretending and just read the user guide from the beginning. And obviously, there is no better reason to do so than with your new Samsung device. You have just splashed some serious cash on new technology. A Samsung user guide and manual will complement it.

One of the popular series of manuals is the Dummies Guides. Over the years I have delved into Guitar for Dummies, Photography for Dummies, Entertaining for Dummies and many more. They are an easy read with helpful tips clearly highlighted. All the current models of Samsung smartphones and tablets are available through Dummies guides.

But that is not all that is available. The Samsung S6 Guide for Seniors and the 100% Unofficial Guides series provide different options. There give detailed step-by-step information so that whether we are a tech geek or not, we can unlock the power that lies within our Samsung device.

All the Samsung user guides and manuals plus a lot more can be found in at Amazon– the source of all the reading resources you need.

Samsung User Guides and Manuals

Samsung User Guides and Manuals


How did you go? Didn’t find the Samsung user guide or manual that you were after? Did you try the search box on the store? Contact me if you have any difficulties or the one you need is not listed.


10 thoughts on “Samsung User Guides and Manuals – Unlock That Device!

  1. I am so glad I found your site. I have just bought a Samsung Smart Phone and need to learn how to use it. Your site is just what i have been looking for. I really like the way each post goes into the resources available to me
    on how to use the phone. This is an excellent site and iI’m sure it will help a lot of people just like me find the resources they need.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. You have made a great choice in smartphones. I appreciate very much your visit to my site and I am glad you enjoy the resources that are available.



  2. I do not really know if I have made the right choice but I just recently switched from Apple IPhone to Samsung just because I couldn’t enjoy the luxury of downloading my own music. But I must say first hand that Samsung has a great picture quality and after reading this post, I think I will enjoy every moment with it.

    1. Hi Cedric,

      Oh yes, you have made the right choice. There are so many things that the Android platform has, especially through Samsung that Apple don’t allow. The cameras on the new models are excellent and the ability in some of the recent models to insert a micro SD card in with all your music is a real bonus. Which model did you buy?



  3. Hey there Duncan, I like your site, I am a big fan of Samsung products. It would certainly be a good idea to have a ‘how to’ on every Samsung phone. I can very well make use of this. I get visitors on my site asking about phone stuff, maybe I will recommend your site of manuals for more in-depth info.

    1. That would be great. Sometimes we have a great product but never get its maximum value. How to guides can be just what we need.



  4. Hello!

    I had iphones all the way up to this last phone I now have. It is the samsung note 4 and at first I was really remorseful and wished I hadn’t switched. I know I really haven’t used it to its full potential at all and maybe what I need is to read a guide like you are suggesting. This could be a better option then going back to the Apple monster! haha What do you think? Wondering what benefits there are from Samsung over Apple?



    1. Hi Anthony,

      Sorry but the comments box isn’t big enough to enumerate the benefits of Samsung over Apple. That is why it is a website’s job. :)) My key benefits are the ability to change the phone layout, add or remove apps, along with some pretty cool hardware like the S Pen, now found in the Note 3, 4, 5 and some tablets.

      I would love you to buy a guide through my Amazon store and then come back and relate the benefits it brought you. Email me the benefits from using a manual and I will write a post dedicated to your experiences. What do you think?



  5. Often criticized for lack of innovation in design and the layout very similar to its terminals, Samsung recently began to experiment more interesting solutions.
    Samsung has a very rich offer phones with Android operating system, and this inevitably led to the emergence of several smartphones with identical functions.
    In addition, the design of phones was much the same, with minor modifications rather subtle.
    I have a Galaxy Alpha and yet I declare myself more than satisfied. A sleek, fast, no lags, excellent camera.Thanks for the article!It’s useful!

    1. Thank you Dorina. The Samsung has been criticized on many fronts but it is still the leading supplier of Android technology. The new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S7 is equipped with some amazing features that will suit any one that invests in it.

      Thank you for calling by the website.


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