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Smartphones in 2016 – What Can We Expect ?

Smartphones in 2016 – New Technology on the Horizon
Smartphones in 2016
The Galaxy Note 5 – Samsung’s 2015 Flagship

During 2015, I have kept you up to date with reviews and news about the smartphone technology that is available. Many of you have commented about the phones you use, especially the Samsung models, and what benefits they bring you. But what about next year? When it comes to smartphones in 2016, what can we expect? How much improvement will we see? Please read the article below from CNN, which discusses the new processors that will be installed in the next phase of Samsung Galaxy and Note devices. What will it mean for the future? Read on…

Smartphones in 2016
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Smartphones in 2016 – Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts about this? Does it influence your spending decisions in any way? I would love to hear your comments and opinions. Please leave them in the box below.

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Smartphones in 2016

4 thoughts on “Smartphones in 2016 – What Can We Expect ?

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for linking that article I am pretty excited about what 2016 has to offer. Right now I have a Samsung Note 4 which I have enjoyed immensely. I think those new Qualcomm chips sound amazing being able to string together 3 different connections to make one better connection. I cant wait! Keep the good articles coming.


  2. The new changes for 2016 are some of the exact changes I would like to have with a better camera in the dark lighting and longer battery life. Now and then I get a surprise from my phone when I go to use it, and it’s pretty well dead. Having a longer battery life will help make it through some of those longer days.

    Excellent update with the CNN link.

    1. Hi Travis,

      Thanks for your thoughts. 2016 will be interesting as to what we see in phone technology. The new Note 5 is an amazing device. The camera is fabulous and the battery Iife vastly improved. You should check it out.


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