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Technology – Pros and Cons

Since I have started this website promoting the love of Samsung technology, I thought it would be in order to examine the pros and cons of the technology we use. So I thought I would share my thoughts along with other technology writers. I would love to read your comments on the views shared.

What I think

Technology has played a major role in advancing modern society. Progress in travel, medicine, science, communications and manufacturing has moved ahead in leaps and bounds due to advances in technology. For example, the Airbus 380, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, smartphones andPhoto comparison Galaxy S3 to S4 tablets, surgical techniques that just blow your mind, 3D printers are just some amazing technology that benefits society. So things are done more efficiently, effectively and, with some situations, are life-saving.

What is the downside to it all? I wonder if we have become all too dependent on it. We have communication devices but struggle to have meaningful interactions with our loved ones. Watch a group of friends at a cafe and many times they all are checking social media on their devices using the  venue’s free wifi!

Conflict management tools are reduced to a text or email, rather than empathetic listening face-to-face. Some surgical teams focus on what the technology will do rather than the real and holistic needs of the patient.

While we need to be careful not to generalise on this subject, it is worth taking time out to analyse our approach to changing technologies. Using it to the full (like growing our WA profile, websites etc.) but not allowing it to use us, reducing us to people who are missing out on some of the serendipitous moments of life.

What others say

Note the following article by Jessica Schirtinger of the Guardian Online Newspaper regarding the impact technology has had on society –

Pros and cons of technology
 October 19, 2012

The pros and cons of the impacts of technological advances are heavily debated, especially during election season.
The technological capacity of our generation has exceeded and continues to surpass all previous generations combined, providing today’s students and prospective employees with competitive advantages rarely held by individuals prior to recent advancements. For example, the widespread utilization of the internet provides immediate access to information and communication simultaneously.
Technology provides a variety of employment options, inspired by the success of cultural icons such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.
The impacts of satisfying society’s craving for faster, smaller, more gratifying and efficient technology have created numerous ethical dilemmas in an already polarized climate.
Consider military weapons advancements such as the nuclear bomb and the ability to remotely perform a complex surgical procedure; the world possesses the ability to improve or destroy itself in a moment’s notice.
The disparity between the haves and the have-nots has become more apparent as technology advances; there is unparalleled potential to improve or exploit underprivileged individuals with the use of technology.
Technology has also enabled the business sector to overcome cultural, language, and geographical barriers, creating a globalized economy.
Critics of advances highlight the unknown consequences of technology, including a lazier population, ambiguous legal implications, dependence on technology, human isolation, widening the gap between economic classes, the evolution of crime, and vulnerability to hacking and privacy invasion.
On the other side, technology has increased efficiency. Devices have become more portable. Businesses have developed computer-based central information systems and implemented organized streamlined processes to make logistics more organized. Green energy solutions are feasible. Medical breakthroughs have increased life expectancy, provided cures and improved preventive care.
Our day-to-day lives are made easier by having instantaneous access to information through compatible user interfaces. Regardless of pros and cons, people continue to adapt as technology continues to advance.

(end of article)

So while we all use the latest and greatest gadgets and tools, and I love Samsung phones as you know, let’s not forget who should be the greatest in our lives. Stop, exhale and connect with our loved ones so that when all else fails, our treasured relationships will carry us through…



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