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Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for Android

In our series about useful Android apps, we have discussed travel, stuff for musicians, business, health, fitness and sports. Pretty much a large scope of our lives. Today, though, let’s talk about the Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for Android. Since most of us love our music, and others want to catch up on their favourite radio stations, having the right app is very important. Here are some that I have used in recent times. They cater for all music tastes and they are particularly helpful for use frequent travellers.


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1. SoundCloud (free) –Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for Android

Soundcloud is a music streaming app that gives you access to millions of songs. It gives you access to your music genre of choice with the ability to customize your music lists. It gives you the trending genres and artists. If your friends are on Soundcloud, you can check in with what they are listening to and share ideas about the latest and greatest music tracks. It is quite easy to set up a playlist and add tracks to it. Sign up to SoundCloud through your Google+ or Gmail account. Share your music on Twitter also. This is a take it anywhere music streaming app. USA Today said about SoundCloud, “The days of downloading before listening are over.” Popularity – 50 million downloads. Rating – 4.4 / 5 by 1.8 million users.




2. Pandora

Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for AndroidPandora promotes itself as  free music radio, your music, anytime, anywhere. Due to location issues, my device can’t download it while I live in Asia. But I used it extensively in Australia. It gives the user the ability to create up to 100 personalised radio stations covering all types of music genres. Up till recently, the problem was, if you are offline, then no music. Since rivals Spotify and Apple Music have some offline capabilities, Pandora are seriously considering an offline mode. (Forbes Magazine, Nov 10, 2015) There have been over 100 million downloads of Pandora and 2.2 million of those rate it at 4.4/5.






3. Jango –Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for Android

I have used Jango for a few years now. It is probably my favourite music streaming app. Jango has music in over 750 genres such as eras, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. and styles of music. For example, I might pick the 70s Summer Party or the 80s Summer Party. It may be Blues Legends or Chillout Lounge. There is one ad per day played with free unlimited listening. Each playlist can be customized with your favorite music artist being added so that they play more frequently. It is easy to set up and use. Popularity – 5 million downloads. Rating – 4.5/5 from 93,000+ users.


4. TuneIn Radio –

Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for AndroidHow popular is TuneIn Radio? There have been 100 million downloads with over 1 million users rating it at 4.3/5. Why is it so popular? With TuneIn you can listen to your favourite AM/Fm radio stations for free. There are over 100,000 stations available from genres such as NewsTalk, Sports, Music and more. ESPN Radio, CNN, NPR and the BBC are all available 24 hours a day. Many of the well known radio programs can be heard through TuneIn which makes it very convenient if you are out of town and still want to catch up with your local programs. I have used this for years, even listening to Australian Rugby League commentary from 2GB 873 in Sydney, while in my hotel room in Bangkok. “With a host of new social sharing features and the ability to follow stations, programs and podcasts, the revamped service is a nifty take on modern radio.” – USA Today.





5. iHeart Radio –Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for Android

iHeart Radio is a radio platform that gathers content from a radio network of over 800 US stations along with hundreds from around the world. It is available to anyone in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Since I live in Thailand, my device struggles to load it through Google Play Store but it is an ideal app for frequent travellers from the above countries as it allows them to tune in to their favorite stations. I enjoy WSFM 101.7 whenever I am in Sydney. It is part of the iHeart Network. So is KIIS Fm, Power 105.1 FM from Los Angeles and Wild 94.9 from the Bay area of San Francisco. Over a million people have rated it at 4.6/5.



Verdict – 

These Top 5 Radio and Music apps for Android make your music much more portable than ever before. With a little effort, you can set up your Android device with the music you love. Keep up with your favourite radio stations with cool apps that fit seamlessly into your list of Android apps.

So what is your verdict? Have you tried any of these? Please leave your views and sentiments in the comments box below.

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Top 5 Radio and Music Apps for Android


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