Try a Life Audit

Do you seem to never find time to do the stuff  you really want to do? Then it might be we might need to treat ourselves to a life audit.

Why a life audit?

Well, I guess the follow-up questions to that are, Is your life always on hold? Do you climb into bed at night and think, “that’s another day over with”? Then it is definitely time to re-evaluate.

“You can do a life audit at any age or stage of life,” says Caroline Righton, author of The Life Audit (Hodder Mobus). “Don’t waste time on things that aren’t necessary or good for you. Life is short. Do the bits you have to do and use the rest of your life to have a wonderful time.”

What are some other warning signs? We all go through phases of life where boredom rules or it seems we don’t have much say in how we use our time. Boredom is the biggest killer of enthusiasm for life.

So how is it looking for you as you project your mind forward a few years, maybe 5 or 10? Scary view? Don’t want to go there? Does your picture of your future fill you with happy thoughts or disappointment?


Obviously, if life has some major challenges, then trying to audit every aspect of it is a daunting task that will need herculean effort. Aren’t you already worn out by life? So don’t try to deal with it all at once. Break down the tasks needing auditing into a priority listing – the ones bothering us the most.

Then approach it with honesty. Yes, that principle we love others to live by, but struggle to apply it to ourselves. Being honest with ourselves may involve some pain as we cut into the festering boil that is weighing us down. But as Caroline Righton put it, “You have to be honest with yourself. There’s no point finding out something and then realising that you’d rather not know. Be honest and clear about how life is now and how you want it to change.”

What’s Next?

In a future blog, we’ll examine some practical steps that help us down the life audit road. The highway to finding some light shining on our day…





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