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I started writing this article in my hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where I attended a conference one Sunday during June 2015. My wife and I walked through the Markets area and the experiences prompted me to write about being resourceful. Resourceful is a word we don’t use that much, but it a vital component to any level of success in life and especially when developing an online business. And I want to fill you in on how I got to using the resources at Wealthy Affiliate Network to build a number of websites.

My Sean Penn Moment

We took a longboat up the river from the train station to the markets. The longboat staff ripped us off. But we had never been on one so that was an experience! The vegetable markets and flower markets were fascinating to walk through and we particularly enjoyed the time in Little India. The sights and smells were what one expects in exotic Asia. In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, there is a scene with Sean Penn where he just lingers in the moment of seeing a snow leopard. Just a quiet moment that can change your life. The streets yesterday were dirty, poverty is very evident and some of the sights and smells weren’t all that pleasant. But it was an enjoyable day and as I stood on the street, lingering in the moment, just taking it all in, I was reminded of an interesting conclusion I had reached a few months ago.

Resourcefulness! I don’t know if there is such a word but I saw it yesterday. Whether by choice or not, these people are in a situation where they work or die. They have to find a way to survive and they do! I saw a man pushing a cart through the alleyways selling nothing but limes. As he called out to the vendors in the fabric stores and such like, people would scurry out and buy 5, 10 or 20 fresh limes. In the few minutes I watched him he had made the equivalent of $8-10. The ladies in the flower market making flower wreaths to sell, keeping them fresh by pouring crushed ice on them. And so it went on..

Meditations Lead to Conclusions

So it made me think about my life. Here I was at a new phase of life, living in Asia, teaching English to Chinese people and on the side, building a niche online website through Wealthy Affiliate Network. I needed to develop resourcefulness. So what led me to start building my own website? I know many of my readers have enjoyed the articles and reviews I have written and I appreciate everyone’s support. Why Wealthy Affiliate Network?

Why  I Chose Wealthy Affiliate Network

After we had moved to Asia and were preparing to establish our lives here, my wife and I needed to develop a different income source. I had operated a very successful window washing business in Australia (which was relaunched in 2016) and we had lived comfortably. But we needed new challenges. So we sold up just about everything, and I mean everything, business, car, furniture, etc. and moved overseas. I had already got my English Tutor License and my wife was a qualified online counsellor. But I needed something more.

I searched the Internet for best online businesses with small investment. Top 10 included Wealthy Affiliate Network. So I checked out all the suggested pathways and loved the concept of the free Starter membership that comes with two free websites. “Two free websites?” “I’ll be happy to develop one.” It had always been my goal to learn how to build websites and I needed a training platform that helped me build as I studied. So what comes with Starter Membership? Check out the banner below.

Wealthy Affiliate Network

But there was so much I had to learn and so many resources that were not available to the free Starter membership that after a month, I became a Yearly Premium Member. I wanted to maximise the resources available. Remember, we owe it to ourselves to be resourceful. By getting a Yearly Premium Membership, you actually save money on the monthly cost.

Wealthy Affiliate Network Premium Membership

What are the advantages of going Premium? Incidentally, the price for Premium is less than a dollar a day. Drop one takeout coffee in a week and you have covered it no sweat. Check out the chart below and note the advantages of Premium over Starter Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Network

Wealthy Affiliate Network Premium Training and Boot-camp

The training that I have enjoyed and that could be yours also, takes you through the structure of building a WordPress website basically from scratch. WordPress is one of the world’s best and most popular web building platforms. With Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to a variety of themes so that you can have a layout that suits your style and niche. I have learnt how to build picture portfolios, writing posts that contain keywords vital for Google search. I have access to online tools to find the right keywords, how to find free images for your pages and blog posts, how to insert them and, most importantly, how to monetise the site. How do you network your website through social media? The training at Wealthy Affiliate has got it covered. In other words, what techniques do I need to learn so that my niche website will be a means to supplement my English tutoring and eventually see the income stream become a river.

Videos play an important part of the training, both in the Get Started section and the Boot-camp training. Kyle and Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate are the key video trainers. They step you through each phase of the training, which takes a progressive approach that can help anyone, regardless of our education or technology background. In addition, as a Premium Member, I am able to contribute training modules and videos to assist fellow members. I have included a video I made about Social Media Sharing.


 What Can You Lose with Wealthy Affiliate Network?

Not much. Time is of the essence if we are to make a success of our life. It is easy for us to get caught up in what Stephen Covey calls “the thick of thin things”, rather than look for ways to empower someone, encourage someone, love someone and fully appreciate what I have as resources at my disposal. And yes, this website is about my love of Samsung phones. But how I got here is equally important. Remembering where we have come from and influence where we are going, both positively and negatively.

So don’t squander an opportunity to change it up, challenge yourself and chase a dream that you have had.

I have been married to an amazing woman for 33 years, I have travelled to places I never dreamed about and had a successful small business in Australia. But what I do now is what counts. And I think it is the same for all of us who are members of Wealthy Affiliate Network Premium Level. As we build our niche website, show resourcefulness, learn from others and linger in the moment, any moment, so that the experiences we have will then shape us and strengthen us for the future.

No doubt there are lingering questions about developing your own niche website. The questions I had answered related to subjects such as How to Buy My Own Domain?, What is SEO?, and so forth. I have built a second website to answer those and others you may have. Build a Website is an easy to navigate, information rich information website. Click here to link to it.

Wealthy Affiliate Network


If you have any thoughts to add to this, I would love you to share them with our community. Additionally, any questions you have about developing your own website through the resources of Wealthy Affiliate, I would love to answer.








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