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WiFi – How to Be Safe When You Are Online

There is a growing debate about the safety of WiFi in our society today. It seems that every hotel, wificafe, restaurant, shopping centre and mode of public transport are trying to woo you with public WiFi being easily accessible. So what do you think? Do you have some concerns about it? Are those baby monitors that use WiFi to watch over the newborn detrimental to their health? Today we are going to consider this important topic, WiFi – How to Be Safe When You are Online. In this article, I am going to give you links to the opposing views on the subject. That allows you to make up your own mind.


Viewpoint #1

WiFi – How to Be Safe: Why You Are in Danger!

According to the Global Healing Center website, there are some serious health dramas that are ahead of you if you are regularly exposed to WiFi radiation. Here are just some of them:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Child Developmental Problems
  3. Derails Brain Function
  4. Neutralizes Sperm
  5. Causes Infertility

There are many studies doing the rounds that show a link between excessive use of a laptop to lowered sperm count so why not the WiFi signal that floats between the in-cafe router and your mobile device? Danish researchers found that teenagers that were constantly exposed to 4G signals demonstrated reduced brain function when subjected to a series of tests. Naturally, many people are very alarmed at the risk to personal health. One 21 year-old woman developed breast cancer, even though there was no family history of it. The tumour was found on the spot near where she regularly carried her cell-phone in her bra. Why you do that I have no idea, but there seems to be a link here!


Viewpoint #2

WiFi – How to Be Safe: Why You Are in No Danger At All!

In what some would say is a provocative piece, Ian Douglas from The Telegraph newspaper in the UK presented some compelling evidence to the contrary.


WiFi - How to Be Safe
Read his article here

Mr Douglas refers to the World Health Organization classification system regarding carcinogenic substances or products. The electro-magnetic radiation transmitted by WiFi signals are classified as 2b. This is the same category as coffee! Are we going to ban that as well? As noted in the above article, many parents are concerned about their children’s use of technology on an ever-increasing rate. But shouldn’t we be more concerned about the poor grammar used in texting, or the potential exposure to online porn and online predators, both of which are known and been proved to be detrimental to the health of our youth.


WiFi – How to Be Safe: Conclusion!

So where do the above views, both at conflict with each other, leave us? Should we use WiFi at home, at work, in cafes, at the public library, or just stay well away from this evil technology? Next year is the 20th anniversary of WiFi. Literally, hundreds of millions of people are using it daily. If there was a dramatic danger to our health and well-being, it would be clearly manifest by now. The key to using WiFi, as with all things, including alcohol, coffee, food, etc., is to be moderate in our habits. If you have a concern, keep the WiFi router away from where your children regularly play or desist from using your device on your lap. Proper care and a balanced use of all these things will be beneficial to us anyway.

Don’t be afraid of using WiFi on a regular basis. But be afraid of using WiFi in a way that compromises your privacy. Public WiFi is now a regular target point of scammers and identity thieves. That’s when having privacy protection is a must. I feel very safe whenever I use public WiFi since each of my devices and laptops have VPN protection. (More details about the benefits of a VPN are HERE!)

The key to using technology in the 21st century is to be prepared, well-researched and then implement strategies to protect you and your family. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it, but use it wisely.


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4 thoughts on “WiFi – How to Be Safe When You Are Online

  1. I do not believe that WiFi is as dangerous as a lot of people say it is. Like you said toward the end, if it was that dangerous we would know by now. I have not heard of anyone having cancer or dying because of being around WiFi to much. I believe, like anything you would not want to be using it 24/7, but at the same time, I do not even know how much damage that would truly do.

    1. Hi Brandy,

      Good points you make and very reasonable attitude you hold toward WiFi. Time will tell as to the long-term safety of it but in the meantime, let’s just be balanced.



  2. I will be honest to say that the dangers of Wifi, especially public never really cross my mind, probably because I’m from one of the younger generation that’s so used to it in many ways.

    But now that you mention it, I’m worried about leaking private information. I hear you talk about VPN protection while using Wifis, what are these and how do you set it up?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi there Anh Nguyen,

      Thank you for the very valid question. Check out this blog about a VPN that I wrote in the past few months. It will explain the importance of it and my product recommendation. I hope it helps.


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