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Apple Vs Samsung Wearables – A New Battle Begins

They have fought for market share for the past decade. Whether it be the smartphone or tablet market, or even in the corporate courtrooms of major countries, Apple and Samsung have waged a bitter war. But now it has moved to a whole new battleground – the Apple Vs Samsung wearables war is underway. Debate will rage endlessly for the foreseeable future as to which product will be the champion of the wearables market.


Apple vs Samsung Wearables – Products

Here are a sample of the Apple and Samsung wearables that are taking the world by storm. The Apple Watch is its variety of versions are extremely popular and have been a greater money earner for Apple.


Apple Vs Samsung Wearables
Apple Watch
Apple Vs Samsung Wearables
Dress Code – Smart Cool!











Apple Vs Samsung Wearables
Samsung Gear S2 Classic
Apple Vs Samsung Wearables
Samsung Gear Fit








Now you have to admit, they do look pretty cool. I am not an Apple devotee; the name of this website gives that away. But let’s be reasonable when it comes to this debate. Both Samsung and Apple are setting the pace when it comes to smartphones, tablets and now wearables. This post is not a product review by any stretch of the imagination. But according to Harriet Taylor from CNBC, smartphone sales have flatlined so far this year and the two major players in the smartphone war are relying heavily on the wearables war to boost the profit margins. In fact, over the same period, wearables sales rose by over 67%, showing that the Apple vs Samsung wearables war will show no sign of let-up any time soon.


Apple vs Samsung Wearables – Features

The key to the success of these products will undoubtedly be the range of features they offer consumers. Key to this is not only the watch or smartphone feature but also additional things like music players and GPS capabilities. The Samsung Fit Gear provides health readouts that are compatible with your gym routines and incorporates a music player with optional earbuds so that the workout routine can be accompanied with their favorite music playlist.

The health app side of things tracks heart rate and sleep patterns. There is also 4GB of storage included. It is this comprehensive list of features that will make the Apple vs Samsung wearables so attractive to the demographic they are designed for.

One of the biggest issues with these products will always be battery life. Samsung claims their Fit Gear will last over two days but there is little info available about what the Apple watch will give a user. Connectivity is also quite limited at this stage with some only using Bluetooth while others having a 2G and 3G connectivity.


 Apple vs Samsung Wearables – Conclusion

This battle between the two tech giants is only just heating up. With constantly new products being released onto the market, it will be hard to keep up with what is available and the value in the dollars spent on them. Samsung have just released the Galaxy S7 smartphone with its compatibility to the Virtual Reality Glasses. In Australia, signing up to a 24 month smartphone plan with a Galaxy S7 gives you a free VR unit to use with the S7. No doubt these deals are being offered worldwide. The features and wearables war is on. Have fun watching from the sidelines.






Pic Credits – Wiki Commons: Raneko; Asacyan

6 thoughts on “Apple Vs Samsung Wearables – A New Battle Begins

  1. Great article! Wearables is definitely the rage right now and no way will they stop being on our wrists. Being an Apple Watch wearer I have enjoyed it since its release. But like every other Apple Watch user, the novelty does wear off. Why? It helps with every day life yes and I enjoy the functionality, but I don’t love it. Actually, I’ve basically turned off all notifications from messages and call alerts, maps directions, health and activity notifications because, it gets so annoying. I’m starting to think, maybe I don’t want to be connected to my phone constantly, maybe I just want a break. I want functionality, not novelty. I want a watch that looks like a watch. Not a square peace of stainless steel with interchangeable bands. I want a watch that looks classy, reminds me if I have a message only, and pay for something with NFC (Apple has this yet we can’t use it yet after one year!) and can customise my watch face to something simple and classy instead of the Apple presets that look like a child designed it. so I am patiently waiting till ‘watch 1s’ or ‘watch 2’ or whatever clever name they come up with next (sarcasm).

    Check out the Motorola Moto 360. Now that watch is nice watch that works well.

    Sorry about the rant. Just wanted to chuck in my 2 cents!

    1. Hi Matt,

      All valid points about wearables. At least on the smartphone you can put it on mute and not be disturbed by the notifications. Sorry you got caught up in the Apple hype; a regular watch may be less stressful. :)) Anyhow, I will check out the Motorola Moto 360. Have you checked out my reviews of the Galaxy Note 5 smartphone? Now that is something to get excited about. May be time to come over to Android.

      Thanks for the visit to the website and I enjoyed reading your rant.



  2. If I could just go a little of the topic here, I have an IPad and Samsung smartphone.Both of these products are top notch and I enjoy using them a lot.

    Now coming back to your article, I am in the market for one of these wearables.My big dilemma is, ‘do I go for the Apple Watch the classy look, or the Samsung gear fit.’

    You are right the war is on and I will have to choose who I will back up here.

    Though price is not really a big factor in choosing, the one thing that is appealing to me are the looks and functionalities. And yes, battery life is important too.

    Rest assured I have bookmarked your site as you have got an excellent range of products on your site, which ever one I go for, I will come back here.


    1. Hi Roopesh,

      Looks, functionality and battery life are key factors in our choice, especially since we are spending some serious dollars here. Samsung have developed a great range and I guess each of us need to analyse our needs and make a decision accordingly.

      Thank you so much for your input to the conversation as well as your feedback.

      Chat soon,


  3. As a long term Samsung user, I would imagine Samsung doing a better job on making wearables. I feel they always have a slight edge over Apple. Although in this case I think the apple watches LOOK cooler, although the Samsung ones are most likely better overall.

    I have been using Samsung phones for 10 years now, and don’t see myself using anything else in the near future.

    Your site looks great by the way. Very sleek looking.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for the input to the conversation. What type of Samsung phone do you use at the moment? What do you think of the new S7?

      Samsung wearables will be the go to products of the coming years so it will be interesting to see how they develop.



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