10 Reasons Why a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Wealthy Affiliate Network Membership Are Made For Each Other

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Wealthy Affiliate meets… In the last few months, I have joined Wealthy Affiliate, arguably the world’s most successful affiliate network. The hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs who have made a success of online niche marketing are a testament to this fact. Not only have these people developed a new online income stream but have […]

The Perils of Cold Calling

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Have you ever felt the adrenalin-rush that comes from cold calling? You know that sweaty palms, locked–up-tongue type feeling that all door-to-door canvassers go through. The what-am-I-doing-here overwhelming fear that almost convinces you that becoming a candidate for the next Survivor series is a better option. My wife and I operated a window cleaning business […]

Try a Life Audit

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Do you seem to never find time to do the stuff  you really want to do? Then it might be we might need to treat ourselves to a life audit. Why a life audit? Well, I guess the follow-up questions to that are, Is your life always on hold? Do you climb into bed at night and think, “that’s another day […]