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The Best Portable Battery Charger for Android

It never happens at a convenient time! That wonderful new Android device has just died. No battery power. How will you text your date for tonight to tell her you’re running late? What if the boss rings to call you in for an emergency meeting? Why do smartphones suffer so when it comes to battery life? This is why you need to know about the best portable battery charger for Android. Here I am going to talk about models that are easily available and have been rated as best in the class.

Buying a Portable Battery Charger for Android – Overview

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you race out to buy just any portable battery charger. A battery for a Samsung S5 holds 2,800 mAhs although the IPhone 6S holds 1,715. The Galaxy Note 5 holds a 3,000 mAhs battery. Thus it is critical to buy a charger that has capacity to charge more than one device. After all, there are few, if any, charging stations when you are out camping. You will need sufficient kick in your portable battery charger for Android. Having a charger that will charge multiple devices simultaneously is obviously a wise move. So let’s check out some models that will really carry some grunt.


RAVPower 20100mAh Portable Charger (there is a 26500mAh model)

Portable Battery Charger for Android

  • Fastest Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology: Qualcomm and compatible devices charge 75% faster; iPhone, iPad and other none QC devices get up to 2.4A of powerful current with iSmart technology
  • Type-C Input and Output: The first ever external battery charger with USB-C/Type-C. Use it to quickly recharge the 20100mah external battery, or to power Apple Mac Book (tested and supported) with USB-C/Type-C ports.
  • Rapid Recharge: Even with a huge 20100mAh battery, it can only take 5 hours with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 USB Charger to recharge; an input of 5V/2A means that it still charges faster than normal USB chargers even without Qualcomm compatibility
  • Huge capacity: 20100mAh charges an iPhone 6S & 6 almost 7 times, a Galaxy S6 almost 5 times or an iPad Air more than once
  • Smooth ebony varnish with 4-LED battery level indicator, 100% safe circuit protection; charger automatically shuts down if short circuit or overload occurs to protect your devices. (info description per Amazon)

How do users rate this powerful little booster? Here is one of the many favourable comments:

“Overall, very good charger, worth the huge capacity, probably worth the quick charging, the flashlight is a nice addition and it comes pre-charged, so you can just put it in the bag with the cables it brings and head out, knowing you have a huge charger for your phone and other devices.” – review by Oscar during October 2015.

It seems that the USB C capabilities along with the multi device charging were really attractive features. As noted above, it only takes an overnight charge to get the portable charger back up to speed and it will do your Samsung S6 at least 6 times before the charger needs charging again. Hence, as a portable battery charger for Android devices, this is a monster.



 ZeroLemon Tough Juice Charger

Portable Battery Charger for Android

  • Toughest Exterior with Largest Capacity Battery – Perfect for the outdoors and on the go crowd
  • Largest Capacity in Rugged Case: Charges the iPhone 11 times, the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy S6 7 times or the iPad Air more than once. Safely recharges with a 2 amp or higher output charger (most phone chargers have only 1 amp).
  • Superior Quality: Premium battery cells used in Apple products, top of the line circuitry and a dual layer rugged protection ensure reliability and safety.
  • 4 port Fast Charging: 2 Ports for 2A charging and 2 Ports for 1A charging – Maximum your smartphone and tablet charge rates
  • Content: ZeroLemon Tough Juice Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank, Micro USB cable, welcome guide, ZeroLemon Guarantee 12 month warranty and customer service.
  • Just one disappointment is the weight. At almost 0.5 kg, it isn’t one to carry around in your pocket. But it has the juice to pump up a number of your devices.
How do users rate this powerful charger? Here are their comments to think about:
RR says the following:
Very huge capacity. This thing can handle a lot of load. And by a lot, I mean 4 ports all charging at once at 1A/1A/2A/2A. This thing also has enough power to last a whole trip. I took it on a trip recently and it charge 3 different phones at least 10 times. There was still enough power left when I got home. My favorite feature of this product is the external case. It is well built and can handle a lot of shock to it. Most power banks are really fragile and sensitive. I know I can beat this guy up a bit before I even leave a dent on its external casing.
This power bank is pretty heavy and bulky. You probably cannot fit this in your pocket. But women can definitely carry this in their purse. Men can leave this in their backpacks. I believe the pros heavily outweigh the cons. This is still portable. And for 3,000 mAh with rugged and tough casing, I would not doubt the longevity of this product. You can place it anywhere without having to worry about dropping it. Just don’t get it wet!

 iBattz 20,400mAh Mojo Battstation Optimus Charger


Portable Battery Charger for Android

  • Large Capacity 20,400mah Battery Inside Compact Shell Body
  • Uses Same High Power & Efficient “electric Car” Panasonic(r) Battery Cells
  • Dual High-speed Usb Charging Ports
  • Provides Simultaneous Charging
  • Provides 8 Full Charges To Smartphones Or Up To 2 Full Charges On Most Tablets

How do users rate this charger? Here are some comments:

MDS wrote this:

I just love the Mojo Battstation! It provides fantastic battery power for camping and long flights and road trips. It is also very portable, just about the size of an iPhone5, albeit slightly longer. It also does not heat up like other battery pack because iBattz only uses high grade cells as safety is a big concern. Lastly, the flashlight is awesome especially while camping, saves the battery of my iphone.

Portable Battery Charger for Android – Conclusion

So a portable battery charger for Android can be of great benefit. Sure, I have only touched on three models. Each of them have the holding capacity to charge a number of your smartphones at a time, with multiple ports and enough charge to get four or five powered up. There are many more that you can buy through Amazon or eBay but these only hold around 6000 mAhs per recharge which won’t charge more than a couple of devices at best. Yes, the dollars are a bit higher for these monster packs, but you know the old adage – you get what you pay for.

Having a quality portable charger for your Android device could save you many dramas. Your Google Maps will get you to the hot date on time and at the right place without that Android device failing you.

Do you need a portable charger? Click on the Amazon links below to get great prices and fabulous service.





All reviews and images courtesy of Amazon, with whom I have an affiliate relationship.

4 thoughts on “The Best Portable Battery Charger for Android

  1. I just bought a portable charger last night, but with a twist … it had a solar powered option. Anyways great post I like reading your thorough opinion of these products and I’ll refer to this in the future for myself and friends. By reading this it make me feel like I need a more powerful charger!

    1. A solar power option would be very popular with many. The power needed in a charger depends on who it is for. Many of us are using two or three different devices per day so the ZeroLemon, which has some real kick to it, would be useful.

      When you need the new products, don’t forget to check back in and see what saving you can make.



  2. I didn’t know about portable chargers before my 2-months trip in Indonesia. Many people were using portable chargers while I have never seen them in Finland!

    You have made very comprehensive and great work reviewing these charges. I’m not in a need right now but of these three I would choose the last one iBattz 20,400mAh Mojo Battstation Optimus Charger because the design is cool and the size is not too big. Price isn’t too high neither.

    1. Hi Roope,

      Thank you for your input to the discussion. I notice that in Asia, technology is a massive part of their life. Portable chargers are very popular there, while here is Australia they are just starting to be part of peoples’ tech hardware.

      Check back in to my site for any future updates.


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