Samsung Photo Gallery – Photos from a Galaxy Note 3 and S3 Camera

This Samsung photo gallery is devoted to photos my wife and I have taken with our Samsung devices, whether with our Samsung camera or our phones and tablets. This will be an ever changing page so please enjoy…



If you loved these, leave your comments in the box below. Want to know how to take great photos on your Samsung device? Keen to build your own Samsung photo gallery? Read my blog entitled, Samsung Camera – How to Take Amazing Photos With Your Samsung Phone.


Samsung Photo Gallery
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10 thoughts on “Samsung Photo Gallery – Photos from a Galaxy Note 3 and S3 Camera

  1. Very nice gallery. It looks like you have been to some exotic places. I like the eclectic variety of images you’ve included.

    1. Thank you, Jan. Yes we have been to some great places over the past few years. Now we live in Thailand and so there are so many new photo opportunities.

  2. You have some great shots. You’re making me jealous with some of those locations. I’m a Samsung geek too. Had the S3 for years, then switched to just using a tablet for a while, now I went completely the opposite direction and got the S4 mini, because I wanted a smaller phone, since I work out on the water.

    1. I has the S3 for two years after an S2 and just recently, become moving from Australia to Thailand, I got the Note 3. Bigger with a few more features. But our work situation can dictate our choice of technology. No point having something for the sake of it when it isn’t very practical.

  3. I don’t own a Samsung, but if I had the extra money I probably would buy the tablet. I love your inspirational quotes and the photo here on your gallery. Love to see where else you travel and picture the two of you share. Wonderful site.

    1. Check in at my online store. There may be a cheaper yet useful tablet that may interest you. Also, keep checking in to the gallery and all will be revealed. I will post a number from the USA during May and others from Australia. Hope you enjoy the travel log.

  4. Scrolling is great but I did find it a little annoying. In the photo gallery a story with each photo would be fantastic and keep people longer on the site. As kyle says Content is key. i do like the new theme it looks very professional. I advised my daughter to buy an S4 and she just loves it.

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