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Rethink Role Models – Samsung and Netball Australia Unite

Rethink Role Models – It is Time For a Change!

It is time to rethink role models. Sports stars, music and TV celebrities are often held up as role models for our youth. But it seems that it is not working. Many high profile figures present a lifestyle that leaves little to be desired.

Rethink Role Models
Laura Geitz – Australian Captain

Now, in an brand new partnership, Samsung and Netball Australia have united to encourage Australians to rethink role models. In a series of short motivational videos, girls in particular are shown what it takes to reach success. How you don’t have to be paper thin, beautiful in the extreme or rich and famous. No, the way to real success takes a different path and it needs qualities developed that are often overlook. So, let’s watch these and see how all of us, young and old, can rethink role models.

Samsung Australia Press Release

“Samsung Electronics Australia is encouraging Australians to rethink role models through an exciting new partnership with netball in Australia.

The partnership sees Samsung as the official sponsor and exclusive electronics partner of the Australian Netball Diamonds, the Queensland Firebirds and the New South Wales Swifts and the sport at a grassroots level in NSW and QLD.

Through the partnership, Samsung will work with its newest brand ambassadors and netball players – Laura Geitz, Sharni Layton, Kim Ravaillion, Caitlin Bassett and Paige Hadley to shine a light on female role models.

Samsung has developed a mini-series entitled ‘Rethink Role Models’, which honours the talent, determination, resilience, humility and passion that our Australian netballers embody.

Samsung ambassador and Diamonds’ captain, Laura Geitz said the campaign was a reminder of the impact that sport and role models can have on our lives.

“As we move through another netball season, I am really excited to be working alongside Samsung to encourage all Australians to rethink who they regard as role models. The game of netball, my team mates and my own role models have had such a significant impact on my life and who I’ve become. I hope that by telling my story, and my teammate’s, we can inspire not only netballers but all Australians,” Ms. Geitz said.

The ‘Rethink Role Models’ mini-series highlights personal battles of injury, losing a family member, self-confidence and sacrifice. The series champions what the athletes stand for, as well as the broader qualities they represent.”



Holly Adams, Head of Corporate Brand, Samsung Electronics Australia, said Samsung would give these inspiring athletes the recognition they deserve.

“There are so many inspiring examples of role models among us,” Ms. Adams said.

“As a brand, we have a heritage of defying barriers and through this partnership we want to not only tell the story of Samsung as a sponsor, but spark a discussion and encourage Australians to rethink who they hold as role models. We want to drive a new conversation focused on positivity. As a country, we need to stop and think about how important positive role models are in shaping our society. Our netball stars are the perfect examples of this – worthy to inspire the next generation of Australians” continued Ms. Adams.

Philip Newton, Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics Australia, said: “Netball is iconic to Australia and we are proud to support the sport right down to the grassroots programs across the country. Our newest ambassadors are some of the country’s strongest athletes and personalities. Not only are they gifted netballers, they are positive role models for all Australians and we’re delighted to have them on board.”

Samsung will support netball in Australia at a national, state and grassroots level via signage, naming and digital rights, community programs, branded content and an ambassador program.

The campaign will be delivered through live and digital experiences at grassroots netball games, as well as at Queensland Firebirds, New South Wales Swifts and the Diamonds’ matches.

Chief Executive of Netball Australia, Kate Palmer welcomed the new partnership and recognised the potential of the initiative.

“We are proud to partner with Samsung to support this meaningful campaign, encouraging the notion of a role model. Our Diamonds demonstrate courage, skill and dogged determination, with the utmost respect for their teammates and opposition alike. With 1.2 million Australians currently playing netball, we hope our Diamonds’ values and personal stories will inspire young Australians,” she said. (end of press release)


Rethink Role Models – What is Your Opinion?

I guess over the years we have all had role models from a variety of fields of endeavor. Sports stars often figure prominently in people’s calculations as potential examples to follow. After viewing these videos, what is your opinion? Will this rethinking of role models have a impact of the younger generation? Will it inspire others to a course of hard work and sacrifice as the means to achieve worthwhile goals? The Australian Netball team is one of the dominant teams in world sport. This new partnership between Netball Australia and Samsung could prove a real success story in the field of motivational tools. I hope it helps others to strive for greatness.

What is your opinion? Is it possible to rethink role models in this media saturated age? Please leave a comment in the box below…



Credits:; Canberra Times Newspaper

8 thoughts on “Rethink Role Models – Samsung and Netball Australia Unite

  1. I love, love, love this. I wish society would view role models as driven, determined, and positive individuals. I’m so tired of seeing the latest pop star or short-skirt wearing Kardashian as the younger generations role models. We should strive for our younger generations to want to explore their full potential and not just the quick viral way to get their 15 minutes. However, I don’t think it is going to change until we stop glamorizing reality stars and start glamorizing accomplishments.

    1. Hey Brandy,

      Yours is one of the most meaningful comments I have read in a while. Everything you say is 100% correct. Glad you enjoyed the post and associated videos. Go the Diamonds netball team and let’s hope it positively impacts many young women in the days ahead.

      Thanks for calling by the website,


  2. This article is very interesting and definitely makes us think about who we consider to be a role model. Of course, this kind of campaign is imperative for the younger generation but I think no matter what age you are, we all need to rethink who we are most influenced by and the impact it has on us as individuals. Samsung will do very well from this kind of brand management. Out of interest who is your role model?

    1. Hi Holly,

      Good question about my role model! I think my two key sources of inspiration are 1. Jesus Christ and 2. My wife, Sharon.

      They both inspire me in different ways. Jesus keeps me focused on my true purpose in life while Sharon is a living, breathing example of how to live a rich life based on a solid foundation of values and principles. She is amazing.

      May I ask who your role models are?



  3. I feel they are definitely on the right track to try and turn things around as there are a lot of people that could use the attitude to apply themselves better and really look at what is important these days.

    In generations past, there seemed to be a better correlation to attitude and work ethics. I look at what Samsung is doing as a step in the right direction and like you I believe in their products and use them daily.

    1. Hi Travis,

      Thanks for visiting again. Role models are crucial and programs like this one involving Samsung could prove very beneficial.

      What do you think is most lacking in society today? Is it attitude, work ethic or more than that?

      Let me know, please.


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    1. Hi Ray,
      Thanks for the feedback. I will have a look at your site over the next few days and see what I can see to help. Glad you like Samsung gear; they do some quality stuff.

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