Samsung Galaxy S4 – Product Review


What we love about it:Samsung Galaxy S4

A 5-inch Full HD screen
Stack of features
Quad-core processor with stacks of power


What isn’t that flash:

The Plastic design
A touch expensive
Storage space limitations


Key Features:

Full HD Super AMOLED 5-inch screen;

1.9GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Processor;


Air View and Gesture;

Temperature and humidity sensors;

13 MP camera


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So it may seem a little strange to be writing a review about the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it is close to 2 years old and we have already had the S5 and S6 released. And there are the Galaxy Note 3 and 4 as alternatives. Yes, mobile technology is an ever changing landscape and we battle to keep in touch with it all. So is it worth considering seemingly old technology?

Yes it is, and there are some great reasons why! Note the following and we hope you reach the same conclusion we did.


Why we love it –Samsung Galaxy S4 mainboard

The S4 is the successor to the amazing S3, which I used for 2 years and loved. The S4 arrived on the scene with great fanfare but faced tough competition from the iPhone5S and the fabulous HTC One M8.
Obviously, the 1.9GHz quad-core processor is not as fast as the Snapdragon 805 in some of Samsung’s latest devices but it still gives the Galaxy S4 plenty of grunt. The S4 will take on whatever you want it to do and carry it out with aplomb. Things such as watching full HD video or intensive 3D gaming, browsing the internet or switching rapidly between apps are a walk in the park.

One thing that some reviewers enjoy is that scrolling through menus is quick and smooth, with just the occasional stutter if the phone is updating.

Buying a later S4 has meant benefiting from the Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 roll-out. This has improved the inconsistencies evident when the phone has a stack of added apps.


Some Concerns About the S4 –

One of the issues that is worth mentioning is the Samsung interface. Some forum reviewers complain that there is a split-second pause between pressing an icon, for example, to make a call, and the phone actually starting the process. Some are so incensed with this delay that they have given up on the S4. Some have noted that older Android phones and some iPhones are quicker.
There have been some refinements by Samsung to the Galaxy S4 TouchWiz interface, the software layer that sits on top of Android. How has that been received? Some love it, some hate it. The reviews I researched noted that some of the apps associated with the changes actually slow the response time down and become quite annoying. In the end many users have disabled these apps.

What about the camera? How does it rate? The 13mp is impressive but the Xperia and iPhone 5S cameras have superior features.


Battery Life –

When the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released it had the best stamina of any phone in its class. There have been issues with battery life that Samsung have had to rectify but overall it provides the phone with enough power to last the day. It is fast charging so if you forget to charge it overnight, you can juice it up over breakfast.
So you can see that the S4 is a great phone, particularly as it is now a lot cheaper and still has so many up-to-date features. So if you are ready to buy, then check out our online store powered by Amazon.


Still Not Sure?

But, if you are still not sure, here are a few more details that might sway you one way or the other.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 comparison

  1. The plastic case is not as robust as it should be. So you will need a case to protect it.
  2. Its waterproofing rating could be improved since the later S5 has a rating matching the XPeria Z23.
  3. What is super worthy of mention is the way Samsung has crammed so much more into a smaller body. The S3 and S4 have a similar body size, but the S4 has a 5 inch screen. It is a big phone and will be difficult for some to handle the larger phone.


Samsung Galaxy S4 – Conclusion – Why You Should Buy It

Yes, there was a lot of hype surrounding this phone in 2013. But realistically, there is hype about every “this is the best new phone” promotion, be it the HTC or S6 or the iPhone this or that. As always, Samsung have put some serious work into it. It is an extremely powerful device, and even though it isn’t the prettiest phone, it will serve its role as a great business phone. One of Australia’s leading home loan lenders have just equipped many of their managers with Galaxy S4 phones.


There is no getting away from the fact that this phone has more hype surrounding it than any Android device that has preceded it. Fortunately, Samsung has backed up much of this anticipation with action, offering a well-rounded, extremely powerful device that, although lacking something on the aesthetics front, is sure to impress the masses. Yes, until it was replaced by the S5, it did a sturdy job of flying the Android flag and showing why Samsung is one of the world’s premier smartphone manufacturer. If it is the phone you are interested in as an entry to the smartphone world, check out the deals on new and used models at Amazon – the world’s premier online superstore.
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Photo credits: Wikicommons (Geremoy & Kof3)

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