Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Product Review

What’s Great
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Product Review
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -Black
  • Top class, vibrant screen
  • Awesome battery life
  • Solid all-round camera
  • Heaps of power
Not so Great
  • Plastic back still feels a bit tacky
  • Phone features can be hard to find
  • Some view it as very expensive


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What is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s phablet follow-up to the Note 3. Most of the new additions to the smartphone world don’t come cheap but when locked into a phone plan, you can find a way to easily afford it. Amazon have deals on unlocked phones that are reasonable. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And with this baby you get some stuff.

Check this out:  A ‘2K’ QHD screen, top-of-the-range Snapdragon 805 processor, fast charging and a new, improved S-Pen stylus all come as part of the package. And it has a new premium metal design. Pretty good when stacked up against the similarly priced iPhone 6 Plus.

Like anything new, with use the Galaxy Note 4 is one of those devices that grows on you the more you use it. Are there are slicker phones around? Probably, but there’s a whole lot to like about this baby.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Product Review
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -Black


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Design

Samsung wanted the Note 4 to be revolutionary in its design features. The Galaxy Metal rounded edges link with the soft touch back cover. It is very easy to hold in one hand and after using a Note 3, I find this size phone to be just fine. The 5.7 screen is a great size and comes with the Quad HD Super AMOLED display. It has been designed to enhance reading and Internet surfing.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Screen

For the Note 4, Samsung has upgraded from a Full HD 1080p resolution display to a much sharper 1400 x 2560-pixel QHD (Quad HD) display. That means it has four times the pixels of a 720p HD display. That is going to enhance your experience.

Samsung uses a PenTile Super AMOLED panel to deliver the punchy colors and excellent black levels, making it a great canvas for video and reading. The pixel count is 515ppi, which is more than the 432ppi on the Galaxy S5.

A key benefit is that the new screen allows the Multi Window feature to shine. With Multi Window, you can view multiple apps on the same screen. Naturally, a vibrant screen comes with a price and that is the impact on battery life. The extra processing power needed to run the higher resolution screen has a way of sucking the life out of your battery.

The screen is super sharp and while we may not understand what all the pixel numbers mean, once we view a video clip or some classy photos on the screen, it is clear that you’ve bought a winner.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Software and S Pen

The Note runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat with the TouchWiz UI overlay we’ve already seen on the Galaxy S5.

Samsung have pared down some of the apps built into the phone so that a user is not overwhelmed by the apps available from Samsung. S Health has been updated, with a coach section now integral to its feature list. It can track your fitness progress and record more data and track more of your fitness goals.

The S Pen is in the same location as the Note 3 and this virtual pen provides a digital writing experience second to none.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Performance
Snapdragon 805
Snapdragon 805

The Note 4 features a 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM and an Adreno 420 GPU. With that power package, no wonder the Note 4 takes anything you throw at it with ease. The Qualcomm processor is their most advanced chip technology yet.

The 805 is better equipped for handling the improved display, the better camera and allows for longer battery life when playing HD videos.


What about the competition?

There will be the obvious comparisons with the iPhone 6 Plus and many believe it matches if not surpasses the iPhone in all departments. Some find the iOS 8 on the iPhone 6 a more user friendly operating system than Android with TouchWiz and that will influence someone’s choice when at the counter parting with the hard earned cash. It is felt by some reviewers that the Nexus 6 is the nearest rival to the Note 4. A lot will depend on pricing at the time of purchase.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well known words but they truly apply to the Note 4. As one reviewer noted, “For pure innovation alone, the Note 4 is one of the standout phones of the year. It might not be the best-looking handset but it’s getting there, and it largely delivers where it matters.”

The battery life is massive, the camera is fabulous and the screen display has added to the viewing experience. The S pen stylus is one of the best you can find.

So what is left to say but that Samsung have produced a model that will keep it at the top of the phablet genre of smartphones. It may not be for everyone but a discerning buyer will love every feature of the Galaxy Note 4.

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14 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Product Review

      1. Hey Funk,

        I use this phone for both business and personal use. It took me a while to get it set up exactly how I wanted it, but I think that goes to say with any new software you buy.
        I’m continually finding new things. My brother also has the same phone and uses the voice recognition. He loves it, but I don,t like my stuff talking to me all the time so I don’t use it.
        I love the size of the screen and the ability to stream movies to my TV with the click of a button. There are many other features I could go on about but this phone just has everything I need and more. Can’t imagine where to next.

        1. Hey Wayne,
          Thanks for the positive account of life with a Samsung Note 4. They are stuffed with features that will take forever to understand, use and then remember to use. I agree with that sentiment, where to next? If it could make coffee for me while I worked, then that would be cool. :))
          All the best, Wayne.

  1. I’ll be honest with you – I’d always choose samsung over apple any day of the week. I always feel stuck in a rut with apple products – everything seems so enclosed with very little option.
    Android gives you limitless opportunity to download any app you want – way more freedom than the iPhone.
    Great article.

    1. Hey Chris,

      Love the comment. Your sentiments are the key reason why I had to start my website. Android has so much more freedom to make your device your device! Thank you for the feedback and support.


  2. Hey, you have a great site here. I mean really awesome. I don’t remember when I saw something so advanced and simple at the same time. Thank you for great reviews on products, You pointed the most important things and it is much easier now to choose the right product. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, Igor, for the positive comments. I am glad you enjoyed the review and the style in which I write. Are you a Samsung or Android user? Love to hear what you think of them.



  3. I understand from your review that this Samsung model has a very high definition screen, so you can run multiple apps. However, I still find it hard to imagine running multiple apps on what is still a relatively small (phablet) screen. You also say that this is a top-of-the-range processor. What does that mean in comparison with say an iPhone6 running iOS8.4? Are there other advantages of this phone over an iPhone?

    1. Hi David,

      It does seem inconceivable that multiple apps running can be possible but it is. It makes productivity so much more possible. The greatest feature that makes this phone superior to the iPhone is the S Pen technology. Writing with a stylus directly onto the screen is great for note taking. Anyone that researches this phone and trials it, will love it. My next phone.



  4. Samsung galaxy range are a great phone. I wish I had one of these myself. I am planning to upgrade to the Samsung galaxy S5 though because I prefer the water and dust protection and a slightly smaller screen. I need a phone that will take the rough stuff in my trade and fit in my pocket comfortably. However I highly recommend any Samsung galaxy range phone and anything would be an upgrade on my current S3 (haven’t upgraded for a few years).

    1. Hi Matt,

      The S3 is a great phone. I had one myself until February this year. The rough stuff of your trade might require you to go for an S5 or S6, slightly smaller than the Note range, and grab a tough case for it. There are some great ones available. What trade are you in and where?

      I hope you find what you want. Check back in to the website in a week or so and I will have my Amazon store ready for you to find what you need.



  5. The Note 4. Seems pretty awesome. I wonder what the difference is between that new Galaxy S7 because that review that you did really attracted me to it. Also I noticed this phone is bigger. Bigger may seem better, but I don’t think it is a lot of time, I know it is pretty sleek but just the length and width of this phone sometimes I wonder it may take up all my pocket space.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Welcome back. The Note 4 is part of this phablet range that has been a great success for Samsung. My Note 3 is the same size as the brand new Note 5, but with less features. I still believe that the S Pen feature gives the Note range the upper edge to the S6 & S6 Edge. From all reports, the S7 will have a few new things compared to the S6 but there is no S Pen talked about in the quiet whispers I have been reading.

      If you go for the Note 4, you will not be disappointed.


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