Samsung Galaxy S5 – Product Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

So you are thinking of leaping into the world of Android smartphones. In this product review, you will learn about why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great entry model. While this isn’t a detailed description of all the technical features, it will show why this is a great choice of phone.


  • Fantastic screen
  • Versatile, high-quality camera
  • Feature-packed
  • Excellent battery life


  • Not the prettiest of 2014 phones
  • Finicky fingerprint sensor



Rating: 8/10
Manufacturer: Samsung
Top Deal: Amazon
Great Price: $US295.00 new without contract
Key Features: 16-megapixel camera; 5.1-inch 1080p Super AMOLED screen; Android 4.4 with TouchWiz



Samsung Galaxy S5 Review
Macro Shot of Bridge
Samsung Galaxy S5 Review
Samsung Galaxy S5 Review





Samsung Galaxy S5 Review
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What is the Samsung Galaxy S5?

The Galaxy S5 is the 2014 Android flagship. It was released as the direct competitor to the iPhone 6 and arrived on the scene with much fanfare. While the much heralded Galaxy S6 is the Samsung banner carrier for 2015, the S5 is still rated as an excellent phone and, of course, is at a cheaper price. The S5 lives up to the hype that surrounded it. Users have rated it very well and it has features that have proved popular. What are they?



The headline-grabbing feature is that it is water resistant. And while we don’t usually take it swimming, you don’t have to worry if you do the unthinkable. Yes, dropping it in the bath, getting it wet in a downpour, or getting it wet at the beach. Other reviewers have said that this feature has compromised the ascetic beauty of the phone, losing slickness evident in many other Android models.

Other improved features include a better camera, an improved AMOLED screen and a fingerprint scanner. Is it as slick as the touch-pad on the iPhone? That may be a matter of opinion, something that will satisfy some and maybe not others.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Connectivity

Connectivity in a smartphone can be an issue that causes grief. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a wide array of connections. It has 4G, Wi-Fi ac, NFC and a new connectivity mode that allows you to use Wi-Fi and mobile data connections simultaneously to facilitate faster download speeds. So you should have no problem, sending emails at the cafe or updating Twitter or Facebook while on the train.


Should I Buy It?

The Galaxy S5 is a great successor to the S4. It has significant improvements over its predecessor. While it may lack the style of its competitors, it more than delivers on every other point. Its screen has been rated as truly outstanding, giving a visual experience its rivals will struggle to match. As with so much of technology, new models improve on the past but there is always something better on the horizon.


If this is the smartphone for you, check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 deals at Amazon – the world’s best online superstore.



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All pictures taken on Samsung Galaxy S5

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  1. Very nice pics on the galaxy 5. I am an iphone user but i have to admit those are outstanding pics. It does seem like the android side of things has improved a lot!!

    1. Why thank you Vic. The Android phones are produced some great photos. Next time you are looking to upgrade your phone, why not check out the range of Samsung smartphones? You will not be disappointed.

    1. Hi Edward,

      You’re welcome. Thank you for sharing the photos in the public domain. Credit deserves to be given to whom it is deserved.


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