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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall – Read the Facts!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall
Galaxy Note 7 (pic

Many of us Android devotees are familiar with the worldwide Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. Millions of the Note 7 had already been sold after its August 2016 release. Due to some exploding battery issues, Samsung has issued a worldwide recall. It seems the battery was too big for its location. This pinched the battery and led to it shorting out. This is going to cost Samsung a fair bit of cash to sort this out but the good news is, new models with the problem fixed are starting to come back on to the market. Anyone with a model is required to return it for a refund or exchange.

In light of this worldwide Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, I thought I would link you to some definitive information on the recall and what observers have noted about the problem. Social media has gone into meltdown over the recall and thousands of words written about the topic.


Check out these articles:

Samsung Electronics Australia News Release

Wall Street Journal, September 22, 2016

Australian Financial Review, Sept. 21, 2016

Daily Mail Australia, Sept. 19, 2016


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – What Made it Appealing
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (pic. Samsung official)

This was going to be the One! The phablet that would trump the imminent release of the iPhone 7. When the Note 7 was released in August, it was met with loud approval due to the outstanding features included.

Check these out:

  1. Dual-curved screen makes it easier to hold, especially when using the S Pen.
  2. Water resistant.
  3. An improved S Pen so that it too is water resistant – you can write down your inspired thoughts in any weather. Well, maybe not a hurricane.
  4. Iris scanning security.
  5. Low light feature on the back camera, and the new Dual Pixel Sensor in the F1.7 lens, makes photos even more realistic.
  6. The SD card has returned, starting at 64GB capabilities Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recalland able to be expanded to 256GB. Storage of music, movies and photos on this device is going to be almost endless.


Conclusion –

So even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is a serious stumbling block, this device will certainly establish itself as a serious player in the Android phablet market. Sure the reputation of Samsung and the Note series has taken a massive hit. But time will pass and even though the Note 7 will be remembered as the exploding phone, it will also be remembered as a game changer in the feature-rich Android devices market.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall – Read the Facts!

  1. This is indeed very unfortunate for samsung. The phone is probably the best available right now but it got a bad reputation because of these exploded phones before it even released in most countries. I remember the iphones used to have problems with explosions as well, but that was on a much smaller scale and we don’t hear anything about that anymore. As a samsung galaxy s7 edge owner i’m very happy and know that samsung is making more great phones, it’s just sad to see how they went from a big succes (galaxy s7) to a big loss even though the new phone itself is great.

    1. Hi Bart,

      It is a shame but just as you will stick by Samsung and iPhone users do likewise, the future is not bleak. Samsung will recover and continue to succeed. Obviously this was a setback they didn’t need or forsee!

      Regards, Duncan

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    1. Hi Tony,

      Whatever the phone, we can organise the case for you. Our Amazon superstore has it all so that you can add bling to your device. Did you find what you wanted?


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