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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – The Rumors are Everywhere!

Rumors, rumors, rumors! Every time a new smartphone model is due to hit the shelves, the rumor and supposed truth is there for all of us to see. It is no different with the impending release of the new Galaxy Note smartphone. Recently, Samsung released the Galaxy S7. Now attention is directed to the new Note. Will it be a Note 6 or Note 7? What features similar to the S7 will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
How similar to the Galaxy S7 will the Note 7 be?
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumors:

As per, the next smartphone in the Note series will be numbered “7” not “6”. Of course, the Note 5 was released in August of 2015, but it seems that Samsung is skipping the 6 to bring the Note in line with the releases of the “S” range of smartphones. So, August of 2016, will see the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, not 6.

Another rumor doing the rounds is the shape of the screen. Note this comment courtesy of Jessica Dolcourt of

“This year’s version of the Note line, which is known for the power of its digital pen, could ditch the Note 5’s pin-straight sides and adopt vertical curves like the S7 Edge, according to tech site Android Authority and Twitter tipster @OnLeaks.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Security:

One of the other rumors is that an iris scanner will be a key security feature of the Note 7. This has been touted as a revolutionary new feature in rumors prior to previous model releases, but Samsung has yet to implement it. Maybe the Note 7 will be the start of something new.


Want to read some more of these leaks concerning the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Here is a link to Jessica’s article.

“Read Here”



Naturally, once the new Note smartphone is released, I will provide a more substantial review of its features. In the meantime, if you just want a smartphone without all the bells and whistles, along with a high price tag, check out the great deals at Amazon.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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