Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tablet – Product Review

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Customizable Pages


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Released: 2013
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet is one of the flagship devices of the Samsung range. It has proved popular throughout the world. My wife and I have each owned one for close to two years and it has proved invaluable to us as we embrace the rapid changes in technology that have occurred of late. What do we enjoy about the galaxy Note 8?


She loves her Samsung Galaxy Note 8
I am an Australian currently based in Asia. I have spent more than 30 years coaching, teaching and mentoring people.
I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, helping them to change their lives for the better. It has been my life’s work.
– Sharon McRae

Let me do this review differently to most. I will do the review interview style, chatting with my wife, Sharon, and present to you a woman’s perspective on this popular device.


Why did you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

As a baby boomer, (note: eye sight not what it used to be) I needed a screen that I could see but I didn’t want something too large, either. I find that using the Note 8 on landscape view gives it the same view as a desktop computer, which is very helpful when studying or researching websites using the tablet. When I use the tablet portrait view, it is then on a mobile layout.


What attracted you to the Android platform that Samsung uses?

I love the changeable interface on the home screen. I am a bit of a neat freak with technology and so the ability to rearrange the apps on the device is wonderful. The Note 8 allows me to categorize my apps and keep those with a similar theme or category all together. That makes using the tablet so much easier and seamless. The ability to regularly change the background wallpaper means I can personalise the Note 8 to really make it my own.


What features and uses of the device do you use the most?

I use it for Instagram, Pinterest, trawling the Internet. I love the S Planner, S Note and S Pen features on the device. The Note 8 has been very useful in finding a good hairdresser. I can find pictures of the style I want, pin the pictures to Pinterest and then show a visual to the hairdresser. That has been an effective use of the device.


How have you used the S Note feature?

The S Note is awesome. I use it to take notes at meetings I attend. My preferred method of note-taking is by drawing mind maps. since I am a visual learner, using mind maps enables me to isolate and illustrate key points of the presentation. As ideas come to mind, I can jot these down immediately by using the S Pen to write directly onto the screen. S Note gives me all the tools I need to be effective in note-taking and making.


Describe the benefits you receive from the S Pen.

The benefits are numerous. As noted above, the S Pen is the key tool to unlock the benefits of S Note. The ability to draw and illustrate, in a variety of colors, makes my note-taking very effective. In addition, it is great to use with S Planner. S Planner allows me to schedule events, recurring bills, write memos, etc. Notifications can be switched on to provide reminders of when the house rent is due, along with utilities, car payments, and other important events.


Why would you recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to others?

It is easy to use and very much a manageable size. It works well with my Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone, connects easily to my husband’s Samsung phone and tablet and works wonders with my Samsung Camera. My husband will use his Galaxy Note 3 smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and my tablet seamlessly connects with it. Having all our devices from the one manufacturer using the Android platform, eases the frustration of differing platforms and interfaces slowing down connectivity and ease of use. It is not expensive and very easy to get set-up for personalised use.



So that is what my wife, Sharon, feels about the Galaxy Note 8 tablet. I use my tablet differently to her but all the above-mentioned features are ones that I use and enjoy. When we are out and about, using free Wi-Fi at cafes and shopping centres, we protect our tablets with our Virtual Private Network switched on. That gives us peace of mind that our activity is not being spied on.

Why not read other Note 8 reviews in our online Amazon store. If you have used this Samsung tablet or any other Samsung model, leave a comment below and tell us what you love about it.


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Photo Credits: Kārlis Dambrāns – WikiCommons


12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tablet – Product Review

  1. Hi,

    that was a very thorough review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

    I am thinking at the moment what device I will buy next for surfing the internet and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sounds really great.

    I love Samsung and Android, so I think your review just sold it to me.

    This question might sound stupid, but can you use it as an actual phone, too?



    1. Hi Moritz,

      Glad that the review helped you with your decision. No, it can’t be used as a phone. It is a Wi-Fi device only. If you need a tablet style phone, the Note 4 with a 5″ screen can serve your purpose. Obviously, it is a lot more expensive than the Note 8 tablet. (It wasn’t a stupid question, it was a valid one, :)) )

      Please check out my Amazon store. Click the links in the article and it will take you to where you can buy through the secure Amazon platform and while there, get a cover for it also. If you are going to use it a lot, a solid cover will be vital. they are all there at the store.

      Thank you for visiting the site,


  2. This tablet looks awesome! The price is great for such a good tablet with so many features. I also like how they have the pen to use because sometimes, when I’m eating, the screen can get kind of smudged up when I’m using my fingers to tap and swipe the screen. The pen fixes that though which is great. Would you rather go with this tablet or one of the apple tablets?

    1. Hi Bob,

      Know the feeling of using the tablet over lunch and then it is smudge city! The S Pen is just fabulous. I have used it while flying. Put the tablet in flight mode, open S Note and use the S Pen to write an article right there on the screen. It is one of the reasons I prefer the Samsung Note 8 to the Apple devices.

      Thanks for the input,


  3. Hello Duncan Love the interview style of the review and it covers all the points as well. Good write up and get me thinking about Samsung…

    I currently live in Shanghai teaching Business and English and I notice that the people here either seem to have Samsung or Apple mostly. Keep up the good work informing people about the wonderful Samsung products.

    Looking forward to exploring your site further cheers Peter 🙂

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes, I thought that changing it up a bit would make the read more interesting. True be told, when I read reviews about technology, I sometimes just browse, since they can get a bit too technical. So I am glad you enjoyed the interview style of review.

      Interesting that you teach English in Shanghai. I work for TutorABC in Taipei teaching English while I am based in Thailand. I talk to a lot of students from Shanghai and I often get a mini travelogue about it. My Samsung website is my side project at the moment and hope it blossoms into something bigger.

      Thank you for contributing to that goal with your positive comments. By the way, which model Samsung are you using at the moment?



  4. Hi Duncan, .
    Your wife made a great overview of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I’m pro android and Samsung myself. I’ve never used one of their tablets before but I really like the idea of the S pen. Is the VPN pretty strong for keeping your wifi connection in a public place secure?
    Thanks for the great review,

    1. Hi Sheena,

      Thank you for your positive response to the review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The S Pen is ideal and would be an amazing tool for your stainless jewelry designing. Using the S Note feature of the tablet, and while sitting sipping your favorite brew in a funky cafe, you have opportunity to design jewelry styles with the S Pen. It is a great part of the Note 8 tablet.

      Good question about the VPN. I find it to be very strong in keeping my info safe while using public WiFi. I have it on as standard and do likewise with my laptop, even when I am working at home. If you haven’t already done so, check out my review of IPVanish, my preferred VPN, and one of the most highly rated services in the world.

      Thank you again, Sheena, for your thoughts.



  5. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this and something about your thought.
    Yes, you are right, just help your reader for what they are looking for.
    About writing article, sometime I find myslef doing this taking a long time, let say over an hour to finish one article, so writing product review would be good for me.
    Thanks a lot!
    Good Day!

  6. I don’t get a link to your article but rather a message that says “Paste your Google Webmaster Tools verification code here.” I hate that too as I have an older Samsung galaxy note and was looking forward to getting a review on the newer models.
    Let me know when the page is available please.


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