Samsung Galaxy S6 – Product Review

GreatSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review
  • Wireless and quick charging
  • Superb screen
  • Top class camera
  • Heaps of power
Not so Great
  • Battery life is average
  • No SD card slot
  • Some view it as very expensive
Verdict: 9/10
Best Deals: Amazon
Best Price: US$543.00
What is the Samsung Galaxy S6?

The Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone. Released in April 2015, it had so much pre-release hype to deal with, that many reviewers wondered would it live up to it? Answer: Absolutely. Apparently, Samsung realized that their market share was under threat after the release of the iPhone 6 and so they took the design of the new model very seriously. Key members of the design team were replaced so that a standout product was released. It does look very similar to the iPhone 6 in some ways, until you look at the S6 Edge. Now you are talking! This is a really unique-looking device.

Price: Let’s get that out of the way early. As with any new product range, prices will be higher than previous models. The 32GB model is around the $575 mark (AU$740), the 64GB model at $895 (AU$1150) and the 128GB style is $1269 (AU$1640). Samsung have decided that undercutting Apple will no longer be a key selling point; quality products with amazing features is what will convince discerning buyers.

Like anything new, the Galaxy S6 is one of those devices that grows on you the more you use it. Are there are slicker phones around? No, and that’s why there’s a whole lot to like about this baby.


Samsung Galaxy S6: The Design

This is a step up for Samsung in that they have moved away from the plastic molding found on previous models. Many users and reviewers found the plastic just too tacky and this has prompted Samsung to move into the world of metal. It has added an all-metal band to a strong glass case with the rounded fascia and home button.


Samsung Galaxy S6: The Screen

Samsung Galaxy S6 makes the leap up to QHD screen resolution. Since it is stretched across 5.1 inches, you get a pixel density of 577ppi, which is pretty amazing. The S5 had a pixel count of 432ppi so you can imagine what a great display the S6 has. Some other reviewers have wondered where do we go from here, since the quality of screen displays is just amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S6: The Software

The S6 runs Android 5.0 and has its latest IU version. The Samsung TouchWiz lag of old seems to have pretty much disappeared, making the Galaxy S6 a joy to use.

The fingerprint on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best on the market – and I didn’t think I’d be saying that after the sliding option we had on the Galaxy S5. I was under the impression that Apple had the monopoly on decent scanners, but this changes things.

Like Apple, Samsung employs the single touch way of verifying your print, but after the simple set up the scanner here is amazingly accurate. A light touch will be enough to open the phone, and it rarely fails.

Microsoft suite of office applications is on-board the S6, although some reviewers don’t believe it to that big a deal as it is not a full version and there are limits to the functionality of it. With one tap in the settings, the S6 will save all file to Google Drive, still my preferred cloud storage app.

Wireless charging is now a key feature of the software. Since the battery is not as powerful as it could be, a 10 minute charge is reportedly enough to watch a two hour downloaded HD movie.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Performance
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

The Galaxy S6 has moved away from the Snapdragon processors used in the S5 and Galaxy Note 3 and 4. Samsung have developed the Exynos 7420 CPU and it is rated as the sharpest and most powerful yet seen in smartphones. It is rated as 20% more powerful than processors used by the rival companies’ products. A key benefit to this new processor is how hot it doesn’t get compared to the recent Snapdragon processors. The transistors used are 14nm across compared to 20nm in the Snapdragon. So? Apparently, and I am not a tech wizard, the smaller the number, the more efficient it works and then the cooler it remains.



When I first saw the Galaxy S6 a friend had I was immediately impressed. The phone gave a corporate impression. This was a phone that was designed to outperform the opposition and it was taking no prisoners.

The metal and glass finish elevates the S6 to easily the best Samsung has produced. There will be the obvious comparisons with the iPhone 6 and many believe it matches if not surpasses the iPhone in all departments.

The camera is noted by reviewers as a particular highlight. Obviously, it is not going to replace high end digital cameras but for smartphone quality it mixes simplicity with photographic skill.

Here are some comments courtesy of about the S6:

“I love the camera can take all kinds of pics Samsung is best for everything.”


“Very clear screen. Easy to use. Large keyboard.”

“Fab phone easy to use, the battery life not so good.”

“The battery life seems quite good considering it’s size and the power of the phone.
The camera is excellent with a very fast shutter response time. The overall speed of the phone is very good. “

What more could be said except that to buy a Samsung S6 will be a fabulous investment in new technology. With its superb screen, faster and more powerful processor, metal casing etc. the S6 will be a phone that serves you well. My father-in-law’s motto of “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. If class, great looks and the “best in the business” performance is what you are after in a smartphone, then the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is the right phone for you. The higher price won’t faze you.

The screen on the Galaxy S6 is superb, and the QHD improvement delivers an increased viewing experience. The phone sits well in the hand due to its great ergonomic design. All that is left to do is try one out.

What is your opinion of the Samsung Galaxy S6? Have you tried one out? Let us know your rating in the comments box below. Convinced and ready to buy? Check out the deals at Amazon, the world’s trusted online shopping experience.



Photo Credits: Karlis Dambrans, Sebastian 147, Mattes – Wiki Commons.

38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 – Product Review

  1. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s during one of the fastest growing technology booms in the history of planet Earth (if you don’t count Atlantis).

    Technology was the new thing when I was a teen and I can still remember when I got my first reel-to-reel tape recorder. I would set it by my bed withing arms reach so if I woke up at night I could reach over and touch it. It truly was a love affair even if it was one way (the first of many one way love affairs).

    I was already in my 60’s when I got my first Galaxy smart phone. Although I sill keep it by my bedside it certainly is no longer a love affair. It’s just and “ehh” probably something I won’t be able to find when I need it sort of device. 🙂


    1. Hi Gary,

      Some of the greatest music tracks of all time were laid down on reel to reel recorders. I recall my parents recording messages from us children to send to our grandparents back in England. It was pretty cool back then. But life evolves into something different. Today the technology is interesting but changing so fast it can seem very ho-hum. Unlike the love affair you had in the 60’s over that reel-to-reel. That was “Reel” love. Sorry, could help myself.



  2. Just read and enjoyed your review of the note 4. I currently have the note 3 and have been using it for both buisness and pleasure for almost 2 years now. Before my note 3 I had the Samsung galaxy 1 and used it for nearly 4 years. I find after a few years they start having small issues but nothing major and pretty durable, which is why Ive been a loyal customer. Before I decide to upgrade to the 4 can you tell me of any advancement with the camara? Thanks so much for the helpful advice.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      It’s a 16MP lens equipped with a dual-LED flash along with auto- and touch-to-focus – that’s hardly ground breaking information, and it mirrors the Galaxy S5in terms of general specs. Something the Galaxy Note 4 does have over the S5 though is OIS (or Optical Image Stabilization, if you prefer).

      OIS fights against camera shake, and also allows you to take better pictures in lower light by automatically extending exposure time.

      It’s not just the rear camera that’s been given some love by Samsung on the Galaxy Note 4, with the front facing snapper gaining a 90 degrees lens allowing you to fit more of your mates into those all important selfies.

      The above is information courtesy of It shows that the camera has had a makeover and the Note 4 will give you great photos.

      Hope that helps.


  3. Hello Duncan,

    I am an avid fan of the Samsung Galaxy phones I have had one in each of the series now except for 5, I did not feel it upgraded enough to entice me to purchase.

    You have given me a new perspective on upgrading though and I really like what you have to say about the SG6, a metal case, I really like that and fingerprint ID is great.
    Few questions.
    Does it come with an MP3 app or do you have to purchase one?
    I see the speaker is on the bottom now and not the back I like that but why not stereo speakers? Not impressed.
    Did they address the face hang up problems of all the other phones? I mean when I would be on the phone it would hang up when it touched my face did not like that much.
    The price may be a little high but I think if it is everything you say it is then it is worth it.
    Oh, one more question, you did not mention the camera much. What is the pixel rating?


    1. Hi San,

      Thank you for the question about the camera on the S6. I give you a summary written by a tech guru about the camera.

      “The really powerful thing here is the ability of the S6 in low light. It’s very good indeed, better than the iPhone 6. And yet it’s got a 16MP sensor. This is impressive because the more pixels you pack in, the harder it is to get a decent shot in the dark. And yet Samsung’s got something that’s better than the rest. The pro mode is genuinely useful, allowing manual focus and control of the sensor’s sensitivity, and Bokeh effect (letting you take three shots of the same thing so you can set the focus after the snap) is really strong too.”

      As with all of the recent models, the S6 has a music player that reads MP3 and MP4 files. The speaker repositioning upsets some, as you know, but I guess, Samsung were trying to cram a lot of stuff into this new phone and some things were affected. Battery life is one of them.

      Still everything I have researched and people I talk to say it is a great phone.

      Thanks for calling by the site.



  4. You did it good!

    Provide an in depth review about Samsung Galaxy S6. Anybody who want to find information about this smartphone definitely will find it in your website.

    Maybe you can add comparison between the rivals like Iphone and Htc see what Samsung can outperform their competitors. This will give more confident for people to buy your recommended product.


    1. Hi Sailful,

      Thank you for the feedback on the Samsung S6 Review. It is something to consider, a comparison chart, so thank you for the idea. I will think about how to incorporate that into the review sometime in the future.



  5. Drool, drool, drool. Okay, I have never been a fan of Apple products. I am not saying that they are not good, just not my preference. I have always been drawn to PC and Android systems. I, quite by accident, have amassed a collection of Samsung products; my TV, laptop, my wife’s Note 4. I really love their products. I think this might be my next purchase.
    Thanks for the write-up.

    1. Hey Marc,

      Thanks for dropping by the website. Up until we moved to Asia, my wife and I had the Samsung range at our place. Smart TV, two Galaxy S3s, two Galaxy Note 8s and my wife’s Samsung digital camera. We sold the TV and one of the S3s and as you may have seen in one of the reviews, I went to a Note 3.

      Yes, the S6 is a nice piece of gear. If you do buy it, check out the deals we have at our Amazon store.

      Glad you enjoyed the review.



  6. I agree with you on this one Duncan, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing piece of device. I own one and I can’t stop taking pictures because the camera is awesome. To me it has the best picture quality. The wireless charging is another great feature this amazing phone has. Nice post, I know a little bit more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 now.

    1. Hi Cedric,

      Two great things came out of your comment. One, I am glad that my review helped you get more out of your product. Second, you are one happy man with the Samsung technology at your fingertips. Question, How long have you had the S6?

      Thank you so much for the positive comments.



  7. I don’t love having a HUGE phone because for one, I’m a little person, second, I don’t want a tablet that’s comparable to my ipad at home. With the dimensions on this one, is it smaller or larger than the latest iphone? I don’t love putting them in my pocket either, but would rather keep it in a pocket book.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      The S6 is not the smallest phone going around it is true but it is not as large as the iphone6. Still, what we use our technology for will determine the appropriate size we buy. Hope you find something that suits you.



  8. Hi Duncan!

    I finished reading your Samsung Galaxy S6 review and liked a lot. I think your way of conducting our attention to detail is successful, because I became feeling I was reading about a jewelry piece. The way you described the construction of this mobile phone grabbed my attention, particularly in the screen definition. I did not know this phone have this huge amount of pixels per inch.
    There is a new Samsung mobile phone replacing the S6 you are reviewing now. Are you going to review also the new Galaxy S6+ and S6 Edge+?
    Please keep me posted if you review it.

    Best regards,

    Mike Wood

    1. Hi Mike,

      I am glad you enjoyed the review. Yes, I will be reviewing both phones you mention. Once the hype settles down, I will try to give an objective approach to an amazing phone.

      I hope to have this published over the next few weeks.



  9. Hey Funkydunk, I have tried every samsung S up to the S5, I have to say that I liked them very much, but for some reason all of them got viruses and got slow in 3 to 4 months (I’m not sure if this was on my end or samsung’s). After buying the S5 and getting the same problem again I just gave up and went for a Windows Phone, it has worked fine but I really want to get back to android. Do you think I should go back and buy the S6 or the S6 edge? Do you know anything about my previous bad experiences with samsung phones? I’d like to know if I’m doing something wrong or not.

    1. Hi Yerko,

      Definitely go back to Samsung. It may be that you overloaded it with apps that kept running in the background, thus slowing the phone down. There are virus apps that can protect your phone as well as apps that clean up the storage and liven up the battery. Question: Did you turn off the phone every night or did it just stay on for days on end? Turning it off each day resets it and overcomes the slow running also. Just like you and I, a good sleep every night resets things. Check out the deals at my Amazon store – you won’t be disappointed.



  10. Hi Duncan,
    I really enjoyed reading about you and your journey to creating this site. I am currently an iphone addict, but you’ve definitely given me food for thought. Quote a few of my friends have Samsung Galaxys of some form or another and maybe I’m starting to understand why! great information here, so thank you.

    1. Hi Mara,

      I forgive you for having an iPhone! 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the review. What features of the S6 caught your attention? Love to know.


  11. Hi Funkydunc
    I have enjoyed reading about the Galaxy s6
    I was thinking of trading up my Iphone to one of these so it is good to see how it compares can I ask ? what camera does it have ? as I use this feature a lot

    1. Hi Simon,

      All the research I did into the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera show it to be nothing short of amazing. One of the key features of it is its low light capabilities. The 16Mp camera packs a lot of pixels in which could hamper low light stuff but those that have trialed it say otherwise. I hope that helps you in your decision making.



  12. Hi Duncan.
    I agree with you that Samsung trying to undercut Apple will not work, not when you are talking about spending approximately $500 on a phone. I would want to buy the better phone, with great features even if I spend $50 more.
    I’ve got to admit though that I am really old school here and I still have an old nokia, yes one of those that doesn’t even connect to the internet!
    Do you think the Samsung S6 is a good phone to purchase for me?
    I spend a lot of time online, emails, social networks, Skype etc. At the moment I am using my iPad for all my online needs when I am out, but it really is bulky! Perhaps I should get an iPhone purely because I already have an iPad, then I could sync them? My iPad is 3 years old though, so perhaps I should get a new one and then go with a tablet? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Big decisions you have on spending money on technology. Here’s an idea. Go to my Amazon store, (you’ll find it on the menu) and research the cost of an S6 and the Galaxy Tab A tablet. It is getting rave reviews and would complement the Galaxy S6 very well. The S6 will cover all your needs – email, social media, etc and it is a great size in your hand. You can sync Skype emails etc to both devices and away you go.

      When are you looking at making the change?



  13. I currently have the Samsung Alpha because it was cheap, lol.

    But I had looked in to the Samsung S6 and I absolutely love the design of the mobile and the specs are great too 🙂

    After reading your review, I now really want an S6. It would be great to own 2 Samsungs 😉


    1. Hi Neil,

      It is a great time to be buying an S6. Samsung are soon to release the S7, so will be keen to clear current models. Our Amazon store has some great deals on unlocked models. Why not check these out? Are you looking to buy one soon?

      Keep me posted,


  14. Hi Funky,
    Nice landing page. However sometimes the page headings are hard to read behind some of the photos. I also found it a little difficult to get my head around scrolling down from the main header every time. At first glance it appears the page hasn’t loaded.
    Your reviews are excellent. A job well done – keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Rhys,

      Glad you enjoyed the review. Yes the landing header is different but once you work it out it is a great addition.

      Chat next time you call by.

  15. Hi Duncan,

    Excellent review. Another point of interest for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is its camera. I think the camera is becoming more and more of a selling point among smartphone manufacturers.

    The S6 sports a rear camera with 16 MP camera with f/1.9 aperture, a pixel size of 1.12 micrometers, a 1/2.6 inch sensor. It also has a great 5 MP front-facing camera which is great for selfies.

    I have a blog called Smartphone Photography Resources and the S6 took second place for best smartphone camera of 2015.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Great news about the 2nd place for the S6. Have you checked out the camera on the Note 5? It does some awesome shots. My wife bought it more for the camera rather than any calls or internet features. She has not been disappointed.

      Thanks for calling by my website.


  16. Love this article. I actually have a galaxy S6 edge. There is alot of information you revealed that i didn’t even know about my own phone. So what do you think about the next generation coming out? Will it live up to the hype as well? Or will it be a flop?

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Great choice of phone. Glad the article was so helpful to you. The S6 Edge is a quality device. The next generation of phones? Have you checked out the Note 5 and the S7 yet? Both have some great features that will keep Samsung at the forefront of smartphone technology.

      Thanks for your input to the conversation.


  17. This is the best phones, as i have been using the samsung galaxy ace 4 and its a good phone,and i just like samsung brand because its phone are strong.Am planning to buy this samsung s7 as it is nice phone and ita features are so attractive.

    All the best

    1. Hi Jose,

      The S7 is a great choice of phone. The features do make it one of the best smartphones of 2016. Don’t forget to check in to my Amazon store when you are ready to buy. There may be some unbeatable deals available at the time.


  18. Hi,

    I am a big fan of Samsung and their galaxy series, I would even go as far to say that their better then the Apple iPhones.

    I am currently a user of the Samsung galaxy S5 but will soon be looking to upgrade to more newer one. Probably either 6 or 7.

    Should i get the Samsung galaxy s6 as I’ve got enough at the moment or should i save up another 200 pounds or so to get the Samsung galaxy s7?

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Joshua,

      That is a tough question. The S6 now or the S7 in a few months? I think it would be worthwhile waiting, since the S7 is a serious step up from the S5 and S6. Saving the 200 pounds may seem to be a task but by the time you do, prices on the S7 are bound to have come down a touch.

      Remember that the new releases are usually in February, March so the S8 will be out and that brings the S7 price into a more manageable area.

      Great that you love the Samsung Galaxy range. I am using the Note 3 at the moment and will in time upgrade to the Note 5. My wife has had her Note 5 for a year and absolutely loves it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a good flagship phone that ive been able to test a couple of times. Although theyve brought out the samsung galaxy s7 since i still rate the s6 as a solid phone. I currently have a S5 phone and am currently looking to upgrade it and after reading this review i think i might try the S6.

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your input to this discussion. The S6 is a great phone and has all the tricks you need. It will be a great choice as an upgrade from the S5. Gore the new one serves you well.



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