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Samsung Galaxy S7 Marketing – Genius or Overkill?

Now I know the big end of town love to develop marketing projects that dwarf the competitors. But this one may just take the cake! Samsung have just launched a massive advertising billboard in Moscow, Russia, that really grabs your attention. It is Samsung Galaxy S7 marketing at its best.

Samsung Galaxy S7 marketing
Genius or Overkill?
Samsung Galaxy S7 Marketing
Distraction or Masterstroke?


Here is the Samsung press release, courtesy of their newsroom website:

Moscow Signage






Watch this YouTube clip about this massive billboard that stands over 80 metres tall and is perfectly positioned between Moscow and its International Airport. It is estimated that over 800,000 people per day will see this marketing masterpiece.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Marketing – Observations

What do you think? Have the marketing gurus gone mad or is this a stroke of genius? Is it a clear case of perfect positioning for a billboard or is it a distraction that could impact negatively on Samsung product promotion? Marketing is such a tricky field and many advertisers tread a fine line between what is effective and what is just novelty. Some would say that any publicity is good publicity, since it gets the brand awareness into the public’s thought processes. Samsung’s market share worldwide has taken a hit with the influx of new Android models from competitors such as LG, HTC and Huawei.

These brands are producing some smart looking products and Samsung needs to amp up its marketing methods to claw back its share. LED billboards are the new direction in digital marketing and this Moscow signage could do wonders for Samsung sales in Russia.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Marketing – LED Billboard Advertising

It is quite commonplace to see large LED billboards around Asia. During the time I lived in Thailand, these were everywhere. Large traffic intersections were awash with advertising signage. Anything from technology and furniture to fashion and fitness, graces the large colorful billboards around Bangkok and Phuket. Samsung are simply using technology to take their marketing of the Galaxy S7 to another level.

So what do you think? Got an opinion? I would love to read the comments that you leave in the box below.


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6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Marketing – Genius or Overkill?

  1. Hi Duncan.

    I reckon it looks amazing and quite tricky how they have manage to pull this off. Whether or not it is a stroke of genius I don’t know. Maybe I’m ignorant but Moscow just seems to be an odd place to do this and to go to the lengths they have with this Billboard advertising you would think they will have to sell a hell of a lot of S7’s to break even. But i’m no marketing guru that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

    1. Very true, Shane. It is of interest that Moscow was chosen rather than another location. Actually, it would be pointless doing it in many Asian countries as so many of them are already converted to Samsung.

      Maybe the user numbers in Russia needs improving.


  2. Being a Samsung smartphone user myself (I own a Note 4), I would say that the company known for their Galaxy lineups are trying to take over the smartphone marketing by having all kinds of it. I don’t really pay attention to all the smartphone advertising billboards out there since they’re all pretty much about Apple iPhones (I live in the Bay Area, CA) where it seems that Apple is trying to be the dominant smartphone force. After reading this post, I could probably see why Samsung is doing this.

    This is an interesting post where I could come back here often to learn more about Samsung smartphone products. I’ll look forward to your Note 6 review.

    1. Hi Armand,

      Did you read my Note 5 review? I will definitely be checking out the Note 6 when it lands. The Note 5 is a brilliant phone with a great camera. So what will the Note 6 have considering the advances in camera technology evident in the S7? It will be worth waiting for.

      I am sorry that you are surrounded by Apple worshippers. Stay strong, buddy!



  3. HI there Duncan,

    Personally I’d say that fabulous piece of marketing that shows of their latest model as it is an absolute replica of the phone and familiarises the public with it. SO when it hits the stores it no stranger. It is certainly eye-catching.

    I am very perplexed as why Moscow and not say NYC or London or even Bangkok where the high end of Smartphones is straight Iphone Vs Samsung battle.

    1. Bangkok don’t needs it since Samsung is a favorite brand already. As a regular visitor recently to Bangkok, there are Samsung devices everywhere and a massive Samsung store at the famous Siam Paragon shopping precinct. Moscow could be a new frontier for them. I am not quite sure why not London or NYC unless the cost of doing this kind of billboard there would be too cost prohibitive and overruled by city officials with no imagination.



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