Samsung Galaxy TabPro S – Mobile Office in a Tablet

Office mobility is a standard requirement for any modern entrepreneur. There is no point being stuck in the office due to antiquated technology. Enter the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, a brand new player in the office mobility game! What makes this a standout performer? Why should it part of my office equipment?


Galaxy TabPro S – Microsoft & SamsungGalaxy TabPro S

Collaboration is a key word in business today, especially in taking on burgeoning competitors. Microsoft and Samsung have combined to produce an office product that will serious give the Apple iPad a run for its money. The 12-inch Galaxy TabPro S combines an Intel processor with Windows 10 technology, thus allowing access to the growing range of Windows apps. Combining these with Samsung Galaxy Apps, productivity can now sky rocket. Let’s examine some of the features of this new release. Samsung has taken some of the Windows 10 flaws and corrected them when including them in the TabPro S.


Galaxy TabPro S – DesignGalaxy TabPro S

The Galaxy TabPro S has incorporated many of the popular features of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet/laptop range. Where Samsung has excelled is that it has included a keyboard as part of the overall package, whereas the Surface Pro has it as an optional extra. Some reviewers find the Samsung keyboard noisy and a little more difficult to use compared to the Surface Pro, but I guess with any product, there will be a feature that doesn’t fit exactly with what we were expecting. Just the fact that the keyboard is standard adds to the appeal of the Galaxy TabPro S. One key aspect of this new baby is the lightweight feel of it. It is only 6.3 mm thick and weighs in at a market leading 693 grams. Carry it around all day without any discomfort – it is office mobility at its best, after all.



Galaxy TabPro S – Performance and Productivity

Galaxy TabPro SThis new player in the tablet game comes with an Intel Core M processor and features only 4.5W power consumption so that efficiency is improved and noise reduced. The processor measures at 2.2Ghz while the unit has 4GB of RAM and a choice of 128GB or 256GB of built-in storage. Is this processor the best available? Maybe not, but it will certainly provide sufficient grunt in the engine room to give a user experience to please the majority.


Galaxy TabPro S – Battery and Display

Let’s begin with the display. As is standard now on Samsung displays, it has an AMOLED display that has deep color contrast and 94% of natural tones showing true-to-life color and detail. Gamers will love it as will avid movie watchers. It is Entertainment Central combined with Business Central. It is rated by other reviewers as best in its class.

One of the inevitable questions users raise is, what about the battery life? Good question and one that needs addressing. The Galaxy TabPro S comes with Fast Charging technology meaning that it can be charged from 0% to 100% in 2.5 hours, giving you over 10 hours of battery life when fully charged. Now granted, this 10 hours will depend on what features are used, but that is the proviso with any product. Still, for someone on the go, using the features that the Windows 10 and Microsoft Office suite provides will certainly make this a product worth adding to the hardware list.
Galaxy TabPro S – Cost

So, with all of the above considered, what will it cost to get your hands on it? Amazon has it on sale for $US897.00 which includes a number of accessories. Of course, as mentioned, the keyboard comes standard. Adding the Microsoft Office 365 software suite will add another $130 to it. Australian readers can find one for about $A1350.00 at JB HiFi which is for the Wi-Fi 128GB version. The 256GB and/or 4G model will give the price a kick skyward!


Galaxy TabPro S – Conclusion

As Dongjin Ko, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics said, “Galaxy TabPro S balances the best of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab with the wealth of features on the Windows 10 operating system for the most advanced tablet experience on the market. We’re thrilled to be working with Microsoft Corp. to deliver a 2-in-1 tablet that truly allows people to enjoy productivity and connections that matter most, through a seamless mobile station designed for all purposes.”

Many users will find this new release to be a real challenge to Apple’s hold on the tablet market. The refinement of Microsoft Windows 10 technology in concert with the nous of Samsung’s smartphone design has produced a product that will take office mobility to another level of achievement. It will find its niche in the market as entrepreneurs and business leaders use out-of-the-office technology to build sales and success.


Want one? Need one? That is almost the same isn’t it? Then check out the Amazon deals below.




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  1. I am always a samsung product lover.The review about Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is very informative. You have provided all the details i have been searching for. Definitely i would buy this. AMOLED display is what i love in my mobile which this product too has. I shall gift to my husband and hope it will surely help him in his business. Thanks for a review.

    1. Hi Manimekalai,

      This would be a great gift for your husband. He will love it. Don’t forget that Amazon have some great deals and can gift wrap and post to him. He will love you forever for a gift like that. You can buy it through my website.



  2. Hey there. Awesome review. I always preffered Samsung over iphone. However tablets I never used before. I always see all of my friends with tablets, my parents, everyone. I never really understood the idea of having a tablet when you have a smartphone and a laptop or a computer. But it looks very useful outdoors..

    I will check this one, thanks!

    1. Hi Alexey,

      Glad you enjoyed the review. Sometimes, especially in business, the larger screen is useful for spreadsheets and / or design presentations. That is why the Samsung TabPro S is ideal for professionals.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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