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About Duncan McRaeWhy have I created a website called Buy a Samsung Phone? I love them. My name is Duncan McRae and I have owned a variety of different mobile phones over the past 20 years. I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Changeover

My entry into smartphones came a few years ago when I finally decided that 16 years of Nokia brand loyalty was now coming to an end. So my wife, Sharon, and I went down the smartphone road. I started with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and later upgraded to an S3. After two or three years, my wife will not upgrade her Galaxy S3. She loves it too much. Why?

A key reason is the ability to change the appearance of the pages on the phone along with larger icons (eyesight is not what it used to be). It is an easy interface to work with.

The Clincher

Then we bought a Samsung Smart TV, which was integrated with our home computer network. A key feature on our phones and tablets is screen mirroring – now that’s cool! One quiet evening I was watching a riveting sports event (my wife says there is no such thing) while she looked at photos on her new Galaxy Note 8 tablet that complemented her S3. She curiously pressed the screen mirroring icon on her device and the pics she was looking at appeared on the TV screen. (No, I don’t remember missing anything much in the game, although she thought it was a great trick to play on me if it looked like I was getting too involved.) She was thrilled with her discovery. We have used screen mirroring repeatedly.

So we own four or five Samsung devices and sure, at times, trending apps go live on IOS first. But the Android platform has all that we use and need.


So this isn’t an “I hate Apple” protest site. We all have our preferences in life – Toyota or Ford, Pepsi or Coke, Krispy Kremes or Dunkin’ Donuts – so each of us can enjoy what we prefer. I love Samsung technology and this website is a vehicle for fellow lovers of this platform to access what they want and need. I hope through the progressive development of this site, fellow Samsung lovers can share their tips, and complaints, (I’m not too precious about that) so that we can use technology effectively and empower others to benefit from these tools.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope we chat soon…

Duncan McRae
Founder of www.ilovesamsungphones.com

E: duncan@ilovesamsungphones.com

Twitter: @buysamsung01


6 thoughts on “Duncan McRae – The About Me Page

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    1. Thank you, John, for the encouraging comments. And thank you for the referral to your friends. What is it about Samsung that you prefer over the other brands? I love the customised interface – moving and adding apps to the home page etc. Love to hear what it is that grabs you.

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